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The ICO Investor

An offering so dumb it seemed to be
The kind of thing the slowest fool could see
He listened to hucksters
Never thinking he was wrong
He was everything by shorts
But nothing long
In a time so short it seemed as one revolving moon
He was wealthy, scared, impoverished and buffoon..
Beggar'd by other fools
Their lies he found too late
He made his bets
But they had his estate

#3 See #2 above for reference, although I hear they've increased the import limits on bullion. Crypto backed by gold? Naaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

#4 See DiCaprio? This is how you do it.

Is that just a convoluted way to say you have a tiny penis?

Find a good psychologist who can tell you why you are wasting your life imagining sad little triumphs saying the world PENIS you poor little person

You are disgusting to normal people
You probably are disgusting to yourself

God loves you and God hates the fucked up thing in your mind that tempts you to say dirty nasty things on the internet


for the love of God

well I am praying for you

I know how to do that

you are welcome

GOD loves you

and wants you to stop with the fucked up weird comments

trust me

you can be better

Soon to be deleted, but I do not care.

I do what i can to help others realize that

it is wrong to say weird nasty things.

God loves everyone I pray for.


as God is my witness you have no idea what I have gone through in order to be someone who knows how to heal these losers


(you have no idea how lucky you are to be reading this before it is deleted....
trust me, generally when you read the loser commenters who comment there you think



and yes many losers are on their way to heaven because I prayed for them

I hope you do not have a problem with that

God listens to my prayers

and it amuses me to pray for people who say crazy loser things on the internet

More in this world, hamlet, than you dreamed of .....

I remember, Pleasanton, 1974, you weren't there, were you?

Of course not, GOD LOVES YOU but you were not in Pleasanton in 1974.


and yes many losers are on their way to heaven because I prayed for them

This is my world

Because I care.

go ahead and delete

delete my poetry

I cared


and as God is my witness what I learned was this


I will never make a single cent off of my talent at telling people that


not a single cent

You have no idea how much God loves me and God loves you so much much more than God loves me

Trust me

Moab is my washpot


Moab is my washpot but FOR GOD'S SAKE

I have intervened with GOD in favor of every Moabite that ever lived.

God loves us all


well I would spend the last portion of energy that I have to tell GOD that

He should love us all.

And He does.

Trust me.

Yesterday, I wrote this poem.

Every year, on the vigil of the Beheading of Saint John the Baptist, I humbly write a poem.


I can dance, not very well (I am the Joe Shlabotnik to Joe Dimaggio in the comparison between my dancing and the dancing of a Fred Astaire or someone like that), and I can write poetry, only God knows how well (but when I speak in poetic language, in the REAL WORLD WHERE WE ALL LIVE, the people I speak to seem happy to listen ....)

don't stop reading, it gets better and makes more sense as I go on ....

Salome (please read a little about her, the poor soul, or listen to the opera by poor old Richard Strauss) used her artistic skills as a dancer, on that evening, all those years ago, for such a bad reason!

And, to commemorate the death of the Greatest Prophet of the Old World, every year, on the vigil of his death, I, not a very good dancer but someone who can write poems, even if they are not all that good, ---- every year on the vigil of the death of Saint John the Baptist, I write the best poem I can, to recompense, in my way, for the sins of my fellow dancers and my fellow poets.

(By the way Pleasanton 1974 is meaningless to everyone in this world with almost no exceptions - it is a semiotic device ---- you too HAVE TO REALIZE THAT THERE HAS BEEN AT LEAST ONE TIME IN YOUR LIFE, IN A GIVEN PLACE in a given YEAR, WHERE GOD LOOKED YOU IN THE EYES AND SAID YOU ARE MY BELOVED CREATURE ---- follow the commandments for Gods sake remember your loving creator and remember how good Heaven is going to be AND YOUR CHOICE WAS TO SAY NO WAY DUDE OR TO SAY ((((God loves us all)))) and all I am doing is helping you realize that, for you, there really is a TOWN OF A CERTAIN NAME IN A DEFINED YEAR where God first woke you up from your doctrinal slumbers

Thank you God, for being You.

(if you are not familiar with Western civilization, the poem I wrote last night, to the extent it was a pastiche, riffed on the chapters of Isaiah and Ezekiel where the fact that the Messiah would suffer were discussed, and on the chapters in the Gospel of John where Jesus stated what his mission in life was, with a few shout-outs to Whitman in his most arrogant phase and to Paul Claudel, and to a few contemporary poets and "rappers" who you may or may not have heard of. There was a line or two that were pure non-pastiche poetry but .... that does not matter to anyone besides me, and it does not matter much to me.)

It is no small thing to be a kind and honest friend to a creature who never expected to have a kind and honest friend in this world.


It is no small thing to be a kind and honest friend to a creature who never had any expectation of ever meeting someone who KNOWS WHAT IT MEANS

to be a kind and honest friend (Follow the 10 commandments they are the VIRTUAL POETRY OF KINDNESS AND COMPASSION)

trust me on that


seriously MR Dudes I would not have minded if you had deleted all this but since you did not

and since I am in a good mood tonight

I am gonna tell you as the poet that I am the line I am most proud ov


follow the ten commandments, dudes you will be so happy one day.


#5...For me, Falling Down needs to be on the list.

The highway scene...

"Sir, sir, we're in a dangerous environment here. We've got a lot of glass and steel rushing by us at high speeds."

Falling Down is what happens when you realize the cuck in the room is you.

So 89% of ICOs have failed or lost money or whatever. I'm as big a skeptic about crypto as anyone, but that seems to me to be a figure that's about what one would expect for a new technology. How many of the personal computer manufacturers in the 1970s survived to the 1990s? Or airplane manufacturers, or automobile manufacturers? I'd expect something like a 90% failure rate, with a tiny percentage of companies being the big winners be they Boeing or Apple or Bitcoin or whoever.

Very good point. But a few differences between ICOs and your examples: most ICOs failed almost at once (versus over years, e.g. DeLorean or Sinclair), there were thousands of them (versus maybe dozens), and none of them as far as I knew ever really launched a product. So, sort of like 5,000 airplane makers forming in 1970, with 4,900 going bust by 1972, with no prototypes ever built. So I'd agree with you more if 500 launched, and a decade later only 25 survived, and the majority had at least something "built." So a bit of apples versus oranges. Maybe a better comparison would be software developers or videogame makers? I wonder what their failure rate is, and at what speed.

Those are good points, but given the easy-in-easy-out nature of the market for cryptocurrency, it's perhaps surprising that the failure rate isn't substantially higher than 89%.

The countervailing factor is presumably that the article was only looking at ICOs, i.e. firms or crypto that had sufficient promise to merit an ICO, weeding out the truly lame schemes.

But then that would seem to lead us back to the notion that 89% might be about the right figure for a market of that sort. Not that I know what the optimal figure truly is, but 89% doesn't seem out of whack to me.

2. "The average ICO in this data set raised $36.2 million while the median raise was $18 million. In total, they raised nearly $14 billion."

Incredible that ICOs were able to get such a rich investment when created by small teams in such a short amount of time.

I'm dubious of those numbers. Or else we would have seen a whole bunch of young men bragging with the money all over social media. It looks like a few investors used the same "money" over and over to finance ICOs over and over again, collecting dumb money all the way.

#5, no Bridge on the River Kwai?

Good catch, and a good example of several fundamental problems with that webpage.

First, lack of useful information about each film, in particular what year it was made. One of the blurbs says that the film was set in NYC in 1981 when it was at its most dangerous. Fine, but was the film made in 1982 or 2012? That's going to affect both the filmmakers' and the audience's thoughts about a depiction of NYC in 1981.

And also who was the director, main actors, and nationality of the film?

Second, what counts as an infrastructure film? It seems clear that they purposely leave that vague, which can be okay but means they need to provide other organizational information or metadata, which they don't. So it's a big random list of films that have some connection to infrastructure.

E.g. the list includes "Chinatown" and "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", in both cases infrastructure projects were indeed behind the plot machinations even though the films were not about infrastructure per se. Then "Fitzcarraldo", which certainly did focus on a construction project but I wouldn't call it infrastructure, it was a one-time project, although in support of the construction of a town so infrastructure was again lurking in the background. But the original "Godzilla" ("Gojira")? I guess if you count burning down cities as being about infrastructure then it qualifies. But if so, what about "Blade Runner" and "Metropolis" where the futuristic city was not just the setting but almost a character or at least a theme of the film.

Finally, it appears that this list was created simply by random people submitting random film titles, sometimes with a lot of useful information sometimes with no information at all. And as a result we get questionable entries such as "Godzilla" and questionable non-entries such as "Bridge on the River Kwai".

A bunch of random contributions by random people on the web? Not something I want to waste time looking at. (OTOH, I do read MR comments so there's that.)

Good point. Cool Hand Luke had several road-work scenes. Not exactly a movie about infrastructure, though, unless prisons count as infrastructure. You could throw the Ghost and the Darkness in there, too, since the workers were there attempting to build a railroad bridge when the lions went crazy on them.

The Wages of Resistance: Narita Stories

If we're talking individual building projects, The Maltese Falcon.
Pushing Tin for air traffic control. There Will Be Blood

Blazing Saddles should definitely be on there.

OK, but Blazing Saddles is already on the Best Date Movies List. For Best Infrastructure Flick I nominate Die Hard, the ultimate high-rise nightmare

Oh, and The Fountainhead, 1949, with Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal as the lascivious architects

Die Hard? That's already on Best Action Movie and Best Christmas Movie lists. Sorry, it can't be added to a third Best of list. Two is the maximum.

OK then, The Towering Inferno

Hmmm, how about Dr. Strangelove.

Where was Brazil?

In South America.

4. I'm wondering what's the record for planting books in a day by one person, and who holds the record.

"Blessed he who sows books and makes the people think" - Castro Alves, Brazilian poet

2. Commentary on the broader blockchain funding landscape:

#3... seeems like kind of a big deal? Not much coverage.

"Also, instead of using an algorithm to limit supply, like bitcoin, Mu says the PBOC itself will control supply. Crucially, Mu says, the DC/EP is being designed to replace the physical notes and coins in circulation, not the renminbi sitting in bank accounts in a digital form."

I got very confused by this point and did some googling. A few sources explicitly say this is *not* a crytpocurrency. It appears to be digital renminbi (not a new currency), and the cryptographic element seems to be only related to how the balance is stored in the users local wallet. It sounds like it doesn't use crypto to validate transactions in a decentralised way, but the details are unclear.

ea, I didn't see anything new here. Mostly this looks like a Swift equivalent, the US version of digital currency.

I was going to state that China will not permit crypto-currency b/c China must control all aspects of the economy.

Maybe the CB has crypto control "figured out." I don't.

I don't invest in anything I don't understand: why I never bought an ICO. I buy gold instead.

#4 Stakhanovite!

I had to look that up. Bravo!

I know people who did this. It is piece work, so that gentleman did quite well. They would work over the summer, hard and long hours. Then ski all winter. If you had a good year you bought lift tickets, but no matter. There was an arrangement that they could pay into unemployment insurance, and we affectionately called the UI ski team.

MSNBC booking producer Michael Del Moro tweeted the following morning that not only has O’Donnell never seen the relevant documents, neither has his source.”

This is the Russian co signing loans report from yesterday. Wait three days. These people are ridiculous.

4".The current world record holder is India.

In 2016, 50 million trees were planted by more than 800,000 people in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh."

2. Data on ICOs.

Imagine carrying around 20 different coins in your pocket.

What will survive the digital monetary era? Same things we had in the paper era, a thousand different 25% off paper coupons, we just convert those to digital discount coins, a sub category.

Take a look at the digital awards and discounts available on-line, those are you real discount coins, great stuff, all useful, all digital coins, potential tradeable; and none of them counted in the survey, they do not trade, yet. We are fixing that but NSA is getting in the way and slowing productivity badly in this sector.

4. “And if you’re wondering about the record for the most trees planted in a day by one person, that’s currently held by someone in Canada who planted 15,170 red pine seedlings in 2001.”
My dad had a christmas tree farm in one of his adventures, and we kids could plant fifty a day, easy. They were tiny seedlings, dug in about two feet, with a bit of well about them.


Hands Over the City (Rosi)
The Age of Medici (Rossellini)
The Yards (Gray)

Tyler! Don't we deserve a threat to trash "Teen Climate Activist Greta Thunberg", who sailed into NY this week to prove climate activists are morons?

Moonlighting a tremendous film about construction, and other things, on a limited budget.

Who will water the millions of seedlings when the EAD(East African Drought) unpredictably but surely returns? The 102 million Ethiopians who were 77 million the last time.

3. Backed by the Marxist state where there is no private property....

But 'it is China's government which is advertising the “opportunities” in gold and silver and it is urging the Chinese people to buy gold and silver' and now DC/EP backed with gold.

Planting seeds is not like planting trees. The headlines were highly misleading.

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