My recent talk at OECD

It covers privacy, Facebook, security vs. competition, Huawei, the proposed digital tax, and recent OECD corporate tax proposals.  Here is the video.


Great presentation.

I see. That must be great to give a talk to the likes of Argentina and Romania.

Good point.


Can you suggest a better candidate? Mrs. Gabbard has been earning praise from both the Right and the Left and she presents sane ideas for a post-Trump America should look like.

Hong Kong, Ecuador, Lebanon, Chile, Haiti, Algeria, Iraq, Catalonia. The world demands change. Is the OECD listening?

@tylercowen ... add oil...

Well said. Hopefully putting it out there will help the sympathetic come out of the woodwork and get stuff done.

Interesting 8Chan has effectively be removed from the Internet. Probably a good thing?

8chan's Original Founder Is Now Urging ISPs To Keep The Site Offline

I was disappointed. The introduction needed simultaneous translation into English. As for Dr. Cowen, he wasn't near his best. I couldn't get past the internet privacy part -- part personal anecdotes, part "regulating social media won't work because bad guys will go elsewhere." Sort of like "don't regulate guns because criminals will get them anyway," or "don't regulate opioids because they'll just move to the black market."

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