Maintenance being done on MR today

The site may be down for a bit, or posts might not appear at the usual time, I am genuinely not sure.  Or thing might just be totally normal.  But apologies in advance for any service interruption.


I am genuinely not sure. Perfectly put. More people should say this more often.

Perfectly? Too bad more people don't refrain from hyperbole. How about "I don't know." or "The behavior of posts will depend on a variety of factors beyond my control and my knowledge. While I hope that disruption is minimal, the possibility is significant that disruptions and delays will occur." What's the difference between "I am genuinely not sure." and "I am not sure."?? If he were "sure" then would that imply psychological certainty? Unlikely. Is he 99.9% sure, 50% sure, or 1% sure? The more you consider his statement the less value it has. imho

Are you guys moving to the cloud or just upgrading Wordpress? Have a great Thanksgiving!

On MR content has always been King

Hope this doesn't foul up the MR gift shoppe on Black Friday

With all the Amazon links, I think Cyber Monday is the important day for the MR gift shoppe.

Wednesday afternoon I had to ship something by UPS.
Many places closed early on Wednesday so I called to see if they were open.
I got the answering machine where the message ended,
we are either tied up with another customer or are closed

So, what do I do now?

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