Sierra Canyon High School

15-year-old Lebron James Jr. goes there, and his games will be on ESPN 15 times this year, even though he is mainly a role player and not a star.  Here is more:

What Sierra Canyon strives to provide is controlled madness, controlled chaos. It’s a school not just familiar with athletic fame but celebrity, which has complexities beyond what even LeBron [Sr.] had faced.

For example, Sierra Canyon doesn’t attempt to restrict players’ social media. Players are put through a four-week course to educate them about its benefits and dangers. But Bronny is permitted to say whatever he wishes to his 3.7 million Instagram followers. Stanley and Pippen Jr. had hundreds of thousands of followers themselves.

“We don’t want to stop any of our players from building their brands,” Chevalier says. “They may be able to use that later in life, whether they make it as basketball players or something else.”

LeBron James Jr., by the way, plays on the same team as Zaire Wade, son of Dwayne Wade, LeBron’s former star teammate from the Miami Heat.

Here is the ESPN article, here is a related NYT piece.


People are allowed to say what they like? Isn't that America's ground state?

They pay 40k a year to attend so yeah, they can say what they want.

Not in public schools, they're not.

This school that attracts the sons of famous athletes is in Chatsworth in the extreme northwest corner of Los Angeles. The San Fernando Valley in northwestern Los Angeles and its adjacent exurbs like Calabasas and Santa Clarita are popular among retired pro jocks (who often like to pick a climate where you can play golf year-round).

The SF Valley is pretty interesting racially because it's about 3 or 4% black out of a total population approaching 2 million, but, as far as I know, there are no black neighborhoods at all. Blacks are just almost randomly distributed geographically among the general population. So it's probably the most integrated place in America for its black population.

It tends to attract blacks who work in areas like entertainment and sports where blacks are highly competitive.

Also, there is a slight connection via the old railroad routes to Louisiana Creole of Color culture. For example, 1970s funny car drag racing star Don Prudhomme was a SFV guy who was a little bit black but didn't totally see himself as black black due to his French Louisiana culture where there are gradations between white and black.

As a NYer, I'm a bit jealous of Southern California being the mecca of basketball today. Sierra Canyon clearly cements that for the next generation.

I'd pay money to see that Sierra Canyon team play against an NBA or WNBA team.

Kids are gonna be saying some stupid things. That's the way it is.

They also gonna be doing some stupid things. That's why we keep the bleech out of the reach of toddlers and firearms out of the reach of anyone who don't adult good.

Sure, a child who receives a rifle or shotgun as a gift from a parent can possess it but "showing it off" outside the grounds of a firing range, hunting grounds, or an unincorporated rural area is likely a violation of California's strict open carry rules.

Used to be similar here. Fortunately, for a number of reasons, we never had US levels of gun crime in the 20th century. But we did have an increasing mass shootings towards the end of the century. Hence, the tightening up of our gun laws in 1996.


Crooked Joe Biden's, Midget-Mike Bloomberg's, and the Bronnies' body guards are carrying. They don't need to carry a Bushmaster.

America's recent gun experience is different from the propaganda. New ATF study: Private gun ownership soars to 423 million (17.7 million AR-15) privately owned guns; at same time violent crime rate declined 48.6% and unintentional firearm-related fatalities have declined by 68% (1993 to 2017). Mr. Bartozzi noted that “as lawful firearms ownership in America continues to grow, criminal and unintentional misuse of firearms is falling.”

On 29 November 2019 (Black Friday), Americans purchased (FBI background checks data) 400,000 guns - enough to arm the US Marine Corps.

Most of the 423 million guns do not auto-kinetically rise up and shoot mass people.

Nobody gonna take your precious, hun.

Think of our population increase in the past 25 years.

The head of the Virginia National Guard had to make a statement. He shouldn’t have had to.

Gore couldn’t carry his home state partially because of this.

I keep forgetting. The Constitution (e.g., Second Amendment) is a living, breathing thingy and means whatever you leftwing totalitarians want.

I'm so old I remember when you guys said Bush was a fascist.

Are you cool with what the OH NG did at Kent State in 1970?

Anyhow, I was referring to you.

You're so smart. Answer me this, swami. We cannot have the Trump 2020 campaign violating Federal election law. Does it need to report this stuff as an in-kind campaign contribution?

That, children, is how Trump won a second term.

Dick, gun ownership, that is the portion of people who own one or more firearms has been declining in the US. Even I know that and I don't live there.

Building their brands? Everyone is a Kardashian, now. We are a celebrity obsessed culture, not surprising since we are a media obsessed culture. Media and culture, one exists for the other. The NBA succeeds because the NBA understands this. Do NBA stars just happen, or are they created? Stock car racing is another "sport" that understood the connection between stardom and success of the entire sport: celebrities matter. Indeed, as the celebrities aged and retired and new celebrities were not created (?) to replace them the sport has declined, and declined significantly, in popularity. I don't know much about football (soccer), but one can't help but notice the stars that sport promotes, stars with single names no less. Rene Girard was the most profound observer of human behavior, ever.

When Bill France was building stock car racing into the highly successful business it became, there was what was called the Bill France caution flag. What? The caution flag (which requires the cars to slow down) would come out for no apparent reason. The cars would then bunch together or take pit stops before resuming the race. France's successors assumed that the Bill France caution flag was intended to bunch the cars in order to make the race more competitive. The geniuses decided that to make the cars competitive throughout the race, every car would be required to have identical equipment so they would travel at the same speed and have the same handling characteristics. Sure enough, today the identical cars race around the track like a freight train, yet the popularity of the sport has plummeted. The geniuses learned the wrong lesson: Bill France was promoting stars, and if the stars had fallen off the pace, out came the Bill France caution flag to let the stars be stars. All sports depend on stars, not just professional wrestling.

In Formula 1 racing the Mercedes factory team and the Ferrari factory team dominate, winning almost every race, yet the sport has never been more popular. The Mercedes brand and the Ferrari brand are stars, and so are the drivers of those cars, the top driver for Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton, winning championship after championship. Hamilton has the added benefit of being English of mixed race, something that sets him apart in a sport that has events around the globe. From time to time Formula 1 talks about making rule changes that would make all of the teams competitive, but it's only talk: Formula 1 understands that it's the stars who make the sport a success.

Sports is about drama, narratives - upsets, great performances, newcomer vs. veteran, physical talent vs. guile, etc. It needs stars, and team sports need dominant teams - too much parity is a bad thing.

So he sends his kid to a vanity school - how radical.

Wow, that is way out there, by Stoney Point Park and almost Simi Valley. That's heck of a commute for any kid on the other side of the Sepulvida Pass. And pretty much the same price as Harvard Westlake.

I'm guessing that the foreign language requirement is Chinese.

I kind of feel for those kids, having to follow their fathers into the guild. What if their real interest and aptitude in life is botany, or dance, or video game design?

This isn't a big deal in LA. Here's an article from 2009 about Oaks Christian's football team, featuring QB Nick Montana and his two favorite targets, Will Smith III and Trevor Gretzky:

It costs $40,000 dollars a year? Put it into shares instead and in 5 years, going by average share market performance, it will be worth about $290,000 in today's money.

Mind you, some of the students will no doubt be getting both.

Is it safe to assume not much in the way of traditional academic learning is occurring at this school? At least not for the players.

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