Taiwan fact of the day?

This year, the World Bank told current and prospective employees of Taiwanese nationality they must present Chinese travel documents in order to maintain or pursue employment.

Here is more.  You will note “Taiwanese law prohibits citizens from maintaining dual citizenship with China.”  However upon responding to an inquiry from Axios, the World Bank senior leadership seems to have walked back this policy (for now?).


I wonder how long this can go on? I mean with the Chinese you can automatically assume this would continue for a long time but I fail to see how Taiwan could be repatriated in the sense China wants it without being militarily invaded. In light of Hong Kong does anyone really see this happening without causing a huge response from the USA and every single country in the region, maybe kicking off another world war?

Does Taiwan remain independent in 20 years? 50? 100? How long can China wait it out before making them an 'official' province and not saying it's just all bluster. Will PRC even be around in the same political sense?

It's a good thing we'll all be dead from global warming in 5 years so we won't have to see.

It goes on until China exerts so much soft power, backed by the threat of overwhelming military force, that Taiwan feels "free to agree" with being annexed.

The step of growing a large and high-tech economy to support the military is well underway. But the most important step is getting US politics to become more isolationist; the neocon's mistakes in the middle east have been doing China's work for her.

What’s the going rate for these comments? $0.02? Or should I initiate the Turing tray?

and all assets you claim are yours are "legitimately" mine. Right? Saying it makes it true. Oh, fwiw, China is made up of various previously independent "countries" (although the modern Western concept of nation-state isn't a great fit for the reality of most of the world for most of history), so China isn't even a legitimate country. (few are...)

I wonder what we would think if French or German imperialists installed a puppet regime in California or Alabama.

Puppet regimes already exist in California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Alaska.

Forgot us? Typical.

Actually, there are native Taiwanese that have been subjugated by both the Japanese and the Chinese, in their turn. A pox on both their houses.

"Actually, there are native Taiwanese that have been subjugated by both the Japanese and the Chinese, in their turn."

It is like saying there are Parisians who have been subjugated by the Germans and the French, in their turn. Let us be blunt, despite American pretence, Formisa is a Chinese province.

"It goes on until China exerts so much soft power"

Not when China keeps acting the way it does in Asia-Pacific. China has a poor history with making friends and While Taiwan isn't ASEAN a lot of its members don't think too highly of China's 'soft power'. China acts like a bully in its own backyard, the fact you had to mention "backed by overwhelming military force" in contrast to your soft power point proves this...so soft it's rock hard.

Yes, soft power with millitary backup as a giant bear hug.

I don't think any country is going to send its sons and daughters to die fighting for Taiwan. But there is a much more credible threat of economic sanctions that would be very painful for China. And Taiwan, from what I understand, does have capabilities to bomb and rocket the Chinese coast pretty heavily before being conquered. It would be a lose-lose.

nonsense. I agree that few will stand with Taiwan in the face of Chinese military aggression. But your other claims 1) that Taiwan has a credible counter to the PLA is ridiculous and 2) that the threat of "sanctions" would be effective is equally silly. It is true the PLA has plenty of reasons to not want trade sanctions, but it also has plenty of reasons to not care. The competition/balance between them will sooner or later result in annexation. There's only one threat which *might* be credible, and even a thermonuclear arsenal isn't a sure thing. Despite the western David vs Goliath mythos, generally the little guy doesn't come home with trophies - but rather as a trophy. Might makes right.

What do you consider a credible counter?

If you mean militarily defeat and conquer China, of course not, but that’s not what Taiwan needs to do to maintain status quo. If they can likely hit, say Shanghai and a few other nearby cities with a few bevies of missiles that’s probably enough to deter China from military action absent other extenuating circumstances.

No, it won't. Americans won't accept seeing their children coming back in garbage bags so that Formisa gangsters stay in charge. Quite the opposite.

I hope it doesn't come to that, so I won't have to say I told you so.

There is no way America will defend the cockroaches who enslave Formosa. Soon or later, it will rejoin the People's Republic. Anyone who try to orevent it will be crushed by the tides of History.

Is that a Winnie the Pooh quote?

So you want to support the Formosa cockroaches in their banditry.

Thank you for your interesting comments.

I think you are mistaken.

I think I am not.

I am oretty sure those elements are of little importance. The point is, many Americans have noticed they have been lied to by their leader. China wants peace.

"The bottom line: As China grows more assertive on the world stage, Taiwan and its nationals are in an increasingly precarious situation."

That's a pretty accurate bottom line.

That’s a major bit of news if it holds - but I suspect it won’t hold.

Granted Taiwan’s position in the US is subject to the whims of whoever happens to be in power, but typically one sort of assumes that Taiwan is mostly an area where the US to use small cues to signal pleasure or displeasure with China and not an area to really overhaul policy.

This is outrageous.

It's interesting how almost everyone says they are against fascism, and yet when a country comes along that pretty much exactly fits the dictionary definition of fascism, they say it should be engaged with, supported, and benefit from financial aid.
Mirriam Webster Dictionary: Fascism "a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition"

Where do all the "Bushitler" shouters stand on the topic of China, now that there is a genuine fascist country that would like to expand its geographical boundaries? As far as I can hear, they sound like a lot of Neville Chamberlains.

Yes, China has been working for decades to work the global organizations to marginalize Taiwan. China's government is angry to see that there's a place full of Chinese people governing themselves fairly happily and peacefully without the iron rule of the Communist Party. It's basically a natural experiment that falsifies China's big lie that everything good for Chinese people is explained by the CCP's domination of power.

"Where do all the "Bushitler" shouters stand on the topic of China, now that there is a genuine fascist country that would like to expand its geographical boundaries?"

Have the American regime left Afghanistan yet?

"It's interesting how almost everyone says they are against fascism,"

How can you say that China is fascist? It's not like they have concentration camps or are performing medical experiments on prisoners?

Oh wait ....



Fortunaltey, America's regime has only supported democracies such as Saudi Arabia, Chiang Kai-shek's regime and the Argentinian juntas.

Maybe the people who did this don't know the difference. After all they all look the same.

I thought it was considered recklessly provocative for entities to take unilateral steps that disrupt the status quo. Or, does that rule only apply to the pro-liberty side?

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