Claims about white people

Black women for instance, present a consistent pattern of improvement in happiness across decades, while White women display a persistent pattern of decline. In contrast, Black men experienced a discernable pattern of improvement in happiness between the 1970s and 1990s, followed by a leveling off in the early-2000s. White men experienced moderate gains in happiness between the 1970s and 1990s, but after the Great Recession/Obama Era, White male happiness followed a pattern of unprecedented decline, with the “happiness advantage” they once enjoyed (as a group) over Black men and women largely vanishing.

That is by Jason L. Cummings, via the excellent Kevin Lewis.


The big gap in things like self esteem, academic self assessment, and suicide rates are also pretty obvious signs that whites aren't as happy as they used to be.

I hate writing like this. The categorical, sweeping statements are absurd. It's like saying "Men run marathons 27 minutes faster than women" just because average finishing times by gender in those races that are timed differ than that amount.

The implicit idea of of this abstract is that you may think you have your own feelings and your own life, but you don't. You may think, "hey, I never ran a marathon in my life" but it doesn't matter. You have a demographic category, and the writer has data. Therefore he knows how you feel and how it's changed over time. Your own thoughts on the matter are irrelevant.

That's how statistics works. If you have a problem with that, you have a problem with reality.

I'm not denying the statistics, I'm appalled at the poor way statistics have been translated to English. We are more than our demographic categories. Distributions are more complex than their first order moments.

Dont be intentionally stupid. Studying groups, if done right, can tell us interesting th things about the world.

This was not a study of a "group", at least not of people. It is not cohort data. The demographic categories described a different set of people every year.

Or mislead depending on what the author of the study or the reporter of the study wants it to be.

Perhaps studies measuring ephemeral psychological states across ethnic lines, gender lines, over relatively long periods of time—-can give some information on differences—-and I don’t doubt one can be interested in the question—-depending on what hypothesis one is pursing. Having agreed to the above—-my own view is to ignore it completely. Why? Good question. Perhaps over time, my perception is that the odds of them being true are low—-and am likely to see a counter study sometime soon, which will also not be true. Plus, I see no utility in these studies. The ease with which we can create statistical studies on invented information (I literally mean invented, not fake) falls victim irrelevancy too often

It's almost as if all the nonstop propaganda about White Privilege is actually an example of kicking people while they are down.

This ‘white’ country went downhill when the White Male Land Owner devolved into this boot lickin tax peasant (embellishing Alex Tab point) so the quicker the better.

Perhaps, they need to learn to take personal responsibility and pull themselves up by their bootstraps. Being a gold medal winner of the victim olympics is a grade A loser in life.

It's a physical impossibility to lift yourself up by a bootstrap, by your shoelaces.

Definitely. And they should clean their rooms up while they're at it. All these opiates are just an excuse - why can't they just say no?

Alternatively you could extrapolate that white men are simply much less happy in a society where we aren't at a distinct social and economic advantage with an obvious underclasses to look down upon.

According to the data by the time white men demographically experience the exact same levels of social and economic success as minorities and women we will be much less happy than they are.

Sounds more like problem is white people being kicked while actually vincible.

Alternatively, maybe were both just shaping the data to fit our world views. I hear that happens sometimes.

The percentages of non-woke whites who understand that the government and culture dislike them has never been higher.
One data point that grinds many white and minority citizens: hiring preferences for immigrant minorities. And that such nutjob preferences are ignored by the media.

By the way, American Indians appear, on a variety of measures, to be going through a very tough time, although their troubles get virtually no attention due to the need to cover #OscarsTooWhite, World War Hair, and the like.

Stevo, What’s the min IQ needed to realize a nation state is just an open air tax farm? Do think American Indian would score higher than the white man on that test.

The world is not the US. Many nation-states are still held together by ethnicity or race.

American Indians already have Pocahontas running for office. They have nothing to complain about.

Now we can rank people along a scale whose meaning is not comprehended. Wonderful. Progress for social science. Great.

Speaking of ad hominem attacks, I heard the Niskanen center president, whose work and people are cited here on MR, was a homophobic climate skeptic till a coming to Jesus (paycheck) from left wing $.

Climate change skepticism is one thing, but calling black people "animals" (among other names), as AIER employees have done, is quite another...

Obviously didn’t click link I provided so let me help u dig ur grave:
The same month, Taylor was involved in creating a group called ‘Bestiality at College,’ an ill-considered satire designed to lampoon the LGBT group on campus.

That's bad, but it's nothing compared to what AIER employees have said about people in the LGBTQ community in the past. (Jeffrey Tucker has been especially cruel.)

The Niskanen guy worked at Cato, too, right? I'm not surprised. The DC think tank game had been awfully dirty for a while now.

Have u watched Jeff Tucker talk and dress? He’s prob flaming gay and proud (of being free from people like u)

On the contrary. A few words in poor taste about gays or blacks pales in comparison to the sin of denying--which delays action on-- the looming global climate catastrophe.

Don't worry your sweet little head about it, Greta my dear. The novel coronavirus will fix all that.

Glad I am not the only white man depressed by Trump

Two things to make you feel better, Phil:

(1) For every sad, depressed man like yourself, there is someone else who is absolutely giddy, and finds the Trump Era completely joyful and hilarious -- on a daily basis

(2) Only five more years of this! Hang in there, big guy!

The Democrats aren't going to have it together by 2024, either, though.

"When you are accustomed to privilege, equality can feel like oppression"
Stephanie Herrera

"When you are a progressive, you call oppression of whites equality"

Well it dies seem common for non-white people to mistake ‘mere’ equality for oppression, and the privilege of ‘reverse’ discrimination for equality, so good point.

To repeat "When you are accustomed to privilege, equality can feel like oppression"
Stephanie Herrera

It was just as dumb the first time you said it, thanks.

By pounding it in that Kevin Lewis is excellent it makes it seem that everyone who is not explicitly labelled as excellent is below-average, let alone not excellent. Doesn't this offend social justice in some way? It seems to promote elitism and white male privilege, and highlights the inequality inherent in capitalism. Is that what this is really all about? Why can't everyone be excellent? Excellence is just a social construct after all.

It actually started to sound sarcastic a long time ago.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

Happy people are generous (positive, kind, forgiving, etc.) people, unhappy people are selfish (negative, angry, vindictive, etc.) people. My observation is that unhappy is the default human condition. Why? Because it takes effort to be happy. Sadly, I'm reminded of Monty Python's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life", the lesson being that only a dolt can be happy in this miserable life.

'Ignorance is bliss' is a very old saying.

Tyler, you might as well give Kevin Lewis posting privileges on MR. Save you some effort.

I actually don’t mind racism+libertarianism as much as racism+other ideologies because only the government today has the ability and capacity to cause serious harm to minority groups. Racism+libertarianism just means in the worst case scenario that some random bigot-n-pop stores might deny service to minorities, but the vast majority of people and businesses will go about their lives perfectly happy to deal with people of all races.

As the kids these days like to say, racism is racism+power... libertarians can’t be “racist” under that definition because they are against power.

It would be interesting to see the data. The last sentence of the summary implies that white men are still happier than black men and women, the gap only “largely” vanishing. How much of a gap is left? And what amount of the convergence is due to black men and women increasing in happiness versus white men decreasing? And how do Hispanics and Asians play in?

If life in America were an RPG and you got to choose your race and gender upon birth, I think the ideal would be a man from a more “exotic” white ethnicity like Icelandic.

25% Icelandic here. Other than as an occasional spike in conversation, no real difference.

"No I don't need a jacket, I'm Icelandic."

Well no difference is good, the problem with most ethnicities is that you face discrimination. I think the ideal ethnicity is one where no one treats you any differently but you can still have some cool and unique things.

Jewish is the obvious answer

If so it's only pretty recently.

I thought everybody got happy as they got older. Something biochemical.

I built some quick drawers in my garage yesterday, using glue and the brad nailer. I didn't shoot myself in my fingers, so I'm happy.

Maybe there has been a change over time but my small, random sample shows that presently as white women mature they become more and more ill-humoured, nasty and generally anti-social, especially toward men. Most of their positive feelings are directed toward pets, who never differ from them in opinions and don't have wishes contrary to their own.

Matronliness is no longer valued. Women despair of aging. It's a bummer.

Seeing it amongst colleagues in History. Particularly obvious re their spouses. Mere impatience initially then it is joined by contempt.

Has matronliness ever been valued? What are its characteristics?

Life's eternal paradox is that all beauty vanishes, a victim of ruthless time. This process is particularly cruel to women, with their thinner skin. Feminism has decreed that rejection or marginalization of the aging woman is sexist. But the witch-crone is a universal archetype, registering an atavistic dread of loss of fertility, the life force itself. The Western career woman, peaking in competence and rank at menopause, is understandably indignant at being supplanted by the young and beautiful, but it is a hard law of nature. Camille Paglia

People in general become grumpy and grouchy when they hit middle age, though in men this may sublimate into Mid-Life Crisis. Many people however do often recover as they progress into old age and cease to worry that they're no longer some Hot Young'un.

I am pretty happy. The longest period of unhappiness in my life came when I was dating a woman who was a bit out of my class in looks. She didn't do anything, but I fretted that the babe would wake up at any moment and realize that she could do better than me. This would have happened under any political or economic system. A lot of happiness is very personal.

I was unhappiest in my late 20s when I had to deal with my father's death, the collapse of career aspirations, and a horribly toxic relationship. I needed paxil to climb out of that hole. I've had a couple of hard knocks since, but nothing that plunged me onto full depression as I experienced then

Online (White) Cat Ladies are the worst class since 2016, more so than any Birther or Qanon spawn.

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