Friday assorted links

1. How Cuba manipulates infant mortality and life expectancy statistics.

2. “Drivers of higher cost cars were less likely to yield to pedestrians at a midblock crosswalk.”  And: “Of 461 cars, 27.98% yielded to pedestrians. Cars yielded more frequently for females (31.33%) and whites (31.17%) compared to males (24.06%) and non-whites (24.78%). Cost of car was a significant predictor of driver yielding (OR = 0.97; p = 0.0307); odds of yielding decreased 3% per $1000 increase.”

3. New biosciences stuff you can buy on-line.

4. Path-dependence in 18th century jury decisions?

5. Why are women running more and running faster? (NYT)  “He also cited the Shalane Flanagan Effect, noting how women, in particular, are pulling one another up to new levels of sub-elite running through communities found both online and in real life.”  Quite an interesting thesis.

6. How Chinese bookstores are surviving the coronavirus (awesome photos too).


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