Monday assorted links

1. The rage of research.

2. Summers on Alesina.

3. China-India thread.

4. “Historically, immigrant men were more likely to be employed than native men. The COVID-related labor market disruptions eliminated the immigrant employment advantage. By April 2020, immigrant men had lower employment rates than native men.”  Link here.

5. Further evidence that violent media content lowers violence.

6. “…the more infectious people believe that COVID-19 is, the less willing they are to take social distancing measures, a finding we dub the “fatalism effect”.

7. “Formula E driver Daniel Abt was disqualified and ordered to pay £8,900 to charity for getting a professional gamer to compete under his name in an official esports race.

8. What the development of penicillin tells us about coronavirus vaccines.  The piece makes several interesting points about speed.


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