Coronavirus travel insurance markets in everything

Moral hazard — forget about it!:

In the Mediterranean island nation of Cyprus, government leaders have pledged to cover all costs for any traveler who tests positive for the coronavirus while on vacation, according to the Associated Press. In a letter sent out to governments, airlines and tour operators, Cypriot officials said they would cover “lodging, food, drink and medication for covid-19 patients and their families” while on the island.

Tourism accounts for 13 percent of Cyprus’s economy, according to the AP, and with one of the lowest coronavirus ratios per capita in Europe, tourism ministers plan to restart international air travel on June 9.

Here is the full story, which includes other examples.


And the Cyrillic version is probably the one intended for the main audience, with English just providing cover if any one questions why so many Russian tourists are arriving.

As for Vegas, transportation has always been cheap, just like getting to Atlantic City.

Good to see Cyprus providing some leadership and a vision of a future which can work for people. This has been sorely lacking from politicians around the world.

Of course, Cyprus is an island, so how would an infected person leave? By airplane? By boat? By swimming? What this highlights is that traveling anywhere during the pandemic is not a great idea, not great for the travelers or the people travelers come in contact with. Travelers are the super spreaders. Indeed, absent travelers there's no pandemic.

"Beijing calls president a hypocrite for criticising rioters while supporting Hong Kong protesters "

Well, they do have a point. If Trump calls open season on protestors then why can't China do the same in HK? Totalitarians have to be more consistent in how they screw over their people and not be so haphazard.

In the past few days, most American cities have put people under a curfew, and I’ve seen video of police running into protestors with a car, breaking into a medic tent to shoot rubber bullets inside, and shooting paintballs at someone just peacefully standing on their own porch. Meanwhile there are armored vehicles in the streets like some kind of military occupation. I don’t recall reading about any of that happening in Hong Kong. Not to mention they never kneed anyone’s neck in the first place. I bet a lot of Americans would trade their police for the Hong Kong police right about now...

How many buildings in HK have they burnt down?

"I’ve seen video of police running into protestors with a car"

If you are talking about the video from NYC, I'll defend the cops on that one. These weren't random "protestors." This was a large group of people who used a metal barricade to obstruct a police car that had its lights flashing and siren sounding from driving down the street. The car came to a full stop with its lights continuing to flash and gave people plenty of opportunity to get out of the way. A few people started pelting the car with various objects and it looked to me like that group could have been just seconds away from becoming a violent mob. The driver may have hit the accelerator a bit too hard but the effect was the same as giving the group of people there a very hard shove to get them to make way. I don't think staying put would have been a wise decision for those officers.

-your police narrative of the "last few days" predictably omitted all of the riots, arson, murders, looting& assaults
-you have pollyannish view of the hong kong police/ccp
- you said "I bet a lot of Americans would trade their police for the Hong Kong police right about now..."
we bet very few americans would do that trade&
although we bet a lotta american police will trade their police jobs for
non police jobs.

Not to mention they never kneed anyone’s neck in the first place. I bet a lot of Americans would trade their police for the Hong Kong police right about now

No but they do kidnap booksellers, transport them back to China, and then torture them into bogus confessions. For the crime of selling books.

It is not the HK police Americans would want but HK protestors. I think it is a fair swap - we can give our Communists, you can give us your non-Communists. Everyone wins.

The same teenager looting the Footlocker in SoHo can quote a few rhymes from Kanye West, Trump's biggest supporter.

Call me crazy, but my moral principles can lead to different conclusions when applied to different facts. Rollback of self-determination and due process vs. white people burning down minority-owned cell phone shops and beating up the owners.

What is the moral hazard here? You should pay for quarantine because then people won’t have any disincentives to report their symptoms and get tested. I don’t think many people are going to travel to Cyprus knowing they are positive just to spend two weeks in a quarantine even if the quarantine is free.

This kind of thing also supports the theory that how free a country is is largely dependent on the structure of its economy. Much has been written about how natural resource based economies seem prone to authoritarianism; it seems like tourism may be the opposite of natural resource extraction and is the most freedom-promoting industry.

Hi. I am Eric Sharp, a lawyer in Shenandoah, NY. I think Russia is the biggest problem right now. As an American, I hope our leaders will stand up to Russian aggression in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, the Baltic States, Brazil and elsewhere. I think Brazil, Georgia and Ukraine should be recognized as a NATO countries as soon as possible and America should make a formally guarantee their territories. If they are attacked, the nuclear birds fly. Thank you. God bless you all.

-1, Bring back Thiago!

I spent so much time at home on my own.. and during this outbreak it seems like I developed a depression .. I started to read about it and I got that it's not a trifle and I need to take it more seriously.

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