Wednesday assorted links

1. “Prisoners have long used contraband cellphones to pull off all manner of scams from the inside. But in attempting to build and sell a house from behind bars, Murray allegedly took things to a new level of sophistication.”  Link here, recommended.

2. Charlie Songhurst is one of the smartest people I know.  Podcast with him, recommended.

3. Acoustic levitation of objects inside your body.

4. How did Helen DeWitt and Andrew Gelman end up co-authoring a piece?  I’d like to read another piece on that, it could be co-authored by them too.

5. Blindsight.

6. Is the dam starting to break? (but in which direction?)  And “I am so sorry.” And another retraction.  And more.  Egads, and A+.

7. War over being nice.  Wordy at first, but an important attempt, recommended.


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