Brazil growing popularity of Bolsonaro fact of the day

As I have been saying, the median voter does not die of Covid-19, which means that many political responses will be highly imperfect.  Here is one recent narrative:

Some 66 million people, 30% of the population, have been getting 600 reais ($110) a month, making it the most ambitious social program ever undertaken in Brazil, a shocking shift under President Jair Bolsonaro who railed against welfare, dismissed the virus — and now finds himself newly popular.

The government hasn’t published its own figures yet but data from the Getulio Vargas Foundation, one of Brazil’s top universities, show that those living on less than $1.9 a day fell to 3.3% in June from 8% last year, and those below the poverty line were at 21.7% compared with 25.6%. Both represent 16-year lows.

Here is is more from Lima, Rosati, and Iglesias at Bloomberg.  By the way, Brazil’s primary deficit will be 11% this year.

Via Michael Pettengill.


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