Thursday assorted links

1. “Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn has reinstated Ms Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi to her post of royal noble consort, and returned her royal insignia and military ranks, the palace announced on the royal gazette on Aug 29.”  Link here, short, and interesting throughout.

2. Straussian vaccine analysts: “And I don’t think people can use that information responsibly.”

3. “Staff at Hagerstown [Community College] must now go into their offices to work because they can’t access the VPNs.”  No support for remote work there!

4. Morgan Kelly on understanding persistence.  That is historical persistence, not the personal quality.

5. SPACs explainer, though it doesn’t convince me the implicit bid-ask spread/fees on securities offerings and deals will narrow so dramatically.  Many of you are asking me about this, but it still feels poorly understood to me.

6. The Swiss canton of Zug will now accept taxes paid in either Bitcoin or Ether (Bloomberg).  Limited to up to 100k, however, and maybe more of a marketing move than a real fiscal validation of crypto as money?


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