Monday assorted links

1. Data on the oldest companies in the world.  Often small, and related to food and/or hospitality.  Often Japanese.

2. “The Trans-Universal Zombie Church of the Blissful Ringing is a religion that emerged in the context of a period of political uprising in Slovenia in 2012–13 and later consolidated into a church that now claims 12,000 members.

3. “We find that COVID-19 has likely become the leading cause of death (surpassing unintentional overdoses) among young adults aged 25-44 in some areas of the United States during substantial COVID-19 outbreaks.

4. While America has been dithering, good (but not surprising) news on AstraZeneca.  The vaccine may come to UK hospitals by November.

5. a16z podcast on textiles, with Virginia Postrel and Sonal Chokshi.

6. 12-minute nasal swab test coming to the UK.

7. Data on the French second wave.


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