Tuesday assorted links

1. Something about a billionaire, the Coase theorem, and Gilligan’s Island.  Or better yet with photos.  I believe Paul Samuelson mentioned this case in one of his articles.

2. Thread on how to value a vaccine.

3. These “oddest book titles” don’t seem that odd to me.  C’mon people, you can do better than that.

4. New results suggesting the virus did evolve to become more contagious.

5. Why are the Blue states faring worse economically?

6. “The University of California, Berkeley, on Monday both revealed and renounced its long-standing Genealogical Eugenic Institute Fund, according to the Los Angeles Times. ..There is no evidence that Berkeley used the money for eugenic research, he said, but rather for a genetic counseling training program, among other uses.”  Link here.


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