Friday assorted links

1. The EU drug regulator also does not have its act together. The Japanese, with vaccines, are being more cautious yet.

2. DuPont and Biden (WSJ).

3. “Sweden has reported 397 Covid deaths in the past nine days, more than either Norway or Finland — each with about half the population — have announced during the entire pandemic. Such figures led the normally cautious and measured state broadcaster SVT to declare that Sweden’s strategy looked increasingly like “a failure”.”  FT linkAnd: “Remarkably, there were fewer (2.6) deaths/100K per day from *all causes* in SD [South Dakota] in Nov 2019 than are dying each day now just from COVID.”

4. Ed Lazear obituary (NYT).  It is sad how they had to add in a “he had some left-wing views too,” so the readers have the liberty to feel sad about him dying.  I would call that an underperformance of an obituary.

5. Rolf.  Which kinds of political views are correlated with which kinds of academic priorities?

6. “There may even be a phenomenon like Dunning-Kruger at work, where the most conventional-minded people are confident that they’re independent-minded, while the genuinely independent-minded worry they might not be independent-minded enough.”  Paul Graham.

7. Stripe and carbon removal (Atlantic).


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