Friday assorted links

1. Shruti Rajagopalan and Rohit Ticku discuss the destruction of temples in medieval India and the effects of same-sex marriage legalization on expressions of sexual orientation in the U.S.

2. Don Boudreaux open letter to me.  Here is my original post, and here is AIER being useful.  If the GBD had been this second link here, I would be wrong.  But it wasn’t.

3. Chinese to vaccinate 50 million for lunar new year.

4. Model and evidence for the IPO market being efficient.

5. Why Iger is a bad pick for ambassador to China.

6. Whether you agree or not, the method and approach of the government/CDC here on vaccine allocation are so low quality as to almost defy belief.  Again, whether or not you are convinced by Matt Yglesias, his simple Substack on this same question did a better job (and at a profit, presumably!).  A useful reminder for those of you who “blame the CDC problems on Trump.”  Here is related NYT coverage.  And never forget Glazer.  Why do we not prioritize men, who are at higher risk?  And from “an expert in ethics.”

7. Beethoven the businessman.

8. “Atlantic City has launched an auction in which the winner will get to virtually push the button that starts the long-anticipated implosion of the former Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino building.”  Link here.


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