Monday assorted links

1. “We suggest that economic growth explains the survival of constitutional monarchy rather than vice versa.

2. Why the EU fails repeatedly (NYT).

3. “Although the most inexperienced quartile of borrowers underestimate their likelihood of future borrowing, the more experienced three quartiles predict correctly on average. This finding contrasts sharply with priors we elicited from 103 payday lending and behavioral economics experts, who believed that the average borrower would be highly overoptimistic about getting out of debt.”  Link here.

4. “…controlling for city fixed effects, population, and personal income, large [U.S.] city governments shrunk by 15% between 2009 and 2018.

5. Some kind of new app that does something or other related to themes on this blog.

6. Production bottlenecks and supply chain distortions have reached extreme levels.


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