Monday assorted links

1. Kevin Kelly lists some heresies.

2. The super-recognizers.

3. World’s largest cast-iron skillet travels down a Tennessee highway.  And the now-deleted thread on Big Tech, work from home, loneliness, Covid, etc.

4. “Under only the efficiency channel, the optimal minimum wage is narrowly around $8, robust to social welfare weights, and generates small welfare gains that recover only 2 percent of the efficiency losses from monopsony power.

5. The variability and volatility of sleep.

6. More Chris Blattman non-fiction recommendations.

7. “Even according to exaggerated figures, China’s total fertility rate in 2021 was only 1.1-1.2, far below the 1.8 forecast by Chinese State Council in 2016, the 1.6-1.7 forecast by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in 2019, the 1.7 forecast by UN in 2019”  Link here.

8. Scott Alexander just got married.


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