Thursday assorted links

1. Is the YIMBYest city in America in Maine?

2. Dump on Thomas Friedman all you want, he remains grossly underrated these days (NYT).

3. Patrick Collison on how to read and deal with books.

4. Monkeypox starting on Metaculus.

5. With in-house judges, the SEC wins about 90% of the time (WSJ).  It’s about 70% of the time in Federal Court.  “Ms. McEwen said the SEC in-house judges were expected to work on the assumption that “the burden was on the people who were accused to show that they didn’t do what the agency said they did.””

6. The ancient civilization buried under eastern Turkey.

7. PLA amphibious landing bottleneck problems.

8. AGM interviews Daniel Gross and me on Talent and related matters, the semiotics of Zoom calls, plus a round of overrated vs. underrated, starting with Miami.


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