Saturday assorted links

1. An obvious but still underrated point: “we find parenting attitudes strongly predict paternalistic policy attitudes—more than ideology, party identity, or any other measured demographic variables…”

2. DSM-V now makes the bestseller list (London Times).  “Ralph Lewis, a psychiatrist, wrote recently in Psychology Today of a “trend toward increased self-diagnoses” that was “particularly pronounced among young people” and predated the pandemic.

3. Roubini in the FT: “Before this week’s ECB meeting, executive board member Isabel Schnabel stated that the bank’s willingness to deal with fragmentation risk had “no limits”. This echoed former ECB president Mario Draghi’s game-changing “whatever it takes” statement of 2012. But Schnabel also hinted at the need for policy conditionality when it comes to offering support. Given the current volatility of financial markets, one can expect they will further test the ECB’s ability to protect the currency union by backstopping fragile eurozone states.”

4. ESPN: “The Warriors are 5-1 to win the 2023 NBA title at Caesars Sportsbook, followed closely by the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics, who are each listed at 6-1. The Milwaukee Bucks (15-2), Phoenix Suns (8-1) and LA Clippers (8-1) round out the teams with single-digit odds entering the offseason.”  Nets #2???

5. “So intense was the EU’s involvement in Northern Ireland – a part of a non-member state, remember – that it has imposed 4,000 new laws there over the past 18 months.”  Link here, where are the fans of democracy on this issue?  (NB: I don’t agree with everything in this piece, should go without saying but periodic reminders can be useful.)

6. Further evidence (from sex lives) on the current human capital deficit (FT).


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