My podcast with Dwarkesh Patel

Dwarkesh writes me:

“Your interview for The Lunar Society is out! Extremely fun & interesting throughout!!! Thank you so much for your time!
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Here are some…quotes from the interview:

Dwarkesh Patel   Somebody comes in, and they’re very humble.Tyler Cowen   Immediately I’m suspicious. I figure most people who are going to make something of themselves are arrogant. If they’re willing to show it, there’s a certain bravery or openness in that. I don’t rule out the humble person doing great. A lot of people who do great are humble, but I just get a wee bit like, “what’s up with you? You’re not really humble, are you?”Tyler Cowen   But we’ll be permanently set back kind of forever. And in the meantime, we can’t build asteroid protection or whatever else. It’ll just be like medieval living standards: super small population, feudal governance, lots of violence, rape. There’s no reason to think like, oh, read a copy of the Constitution in and 400 years, we’re back on track. That’s crazy wrong…

Dwarkesh Patel   What do you think podcasts are for? What is happening?Tyler Cowen   To anaesthetize people? To feel they’re learning something? To put them to sleep. So they can exercise and not feel like idiots. Occasionally to learn something. To keep themselves entertained while doing busy work of some kind.”



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