Sunday assorted links

1. Colombian judge uses ChatGPT to make a court decision.  And use ChatGPT on your own pdfs (breakthroughs every day, people…).  And how to build LLM apps that are more factual.  And more on Bing/ChatGPT integration.

2. Transcript of my 2009 Bloggingheads episode with Robin Hanson.  TC: “What I find funny about your view is that you’re a skeptic about medical science, about almost everything — except freezing your head.  You think that’s the one thing that works.”  There is audio too, and note this comes from the period when Robin and I were talking a lot (and writing together) on the phenomenon of disagreement.

3. Jupiter keeps on adding moons.

4. Ezra Klein on construction productivity (NYT).

5. How open source software shapes AI.  Paper here.

6. Shift in the mean center of U.S. population over the centuries.


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