Saturday assorted links

1. Who should next run the NIH?

2. Did 18th century British firefighters just let buildings burn if they hadn’t paid up?  Short video.

3. “Developers demolished a historic pub. They must rebuild from the rubble.”  The heritage culture that is England.  I recommend the photo of the pile of rubble.  Was the original building so attractive in the first place?

4. “The Microsoft Copilot “future of work” demo is incredible. Your boss will soon be able to ask their Copilot to create a summary of who does the least work on average and have their termination letter already drafted in Outlook.”  Here is the Sam Hammond tweet.

5. Ethan Mollick paper on effective teaching strategies with GPT.  And GPT-4 is playing chess at an OK level, though it was never taught that skill.

6. Is Microsoft adding a crypto wallet to its Edge browser?



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