Tuesday assorted links

1. Is the human brain just a matter of scale?  For a while now, I’ve thought that whales might be smarter than we are.  And how do sperm whales talk to each other?

2. North Korean missile silo developments.

3. Gavin Leech surveys the “insane” who have blogged a lot and for a long time.

4. Robin Hanson isn’t afraid (with Richard Hanania).

5. “Can we improve how we identify and develop mathematical talent among youth? With generous support from @AgencyFund, we’re excited to launch a new one-year dissertation fellowship for up to four PhD students in economics or economics-adjacent fields on this topic.”  From Heidi Williams.

6. A report on Próspera, by Próspera.

7. Group of very smart (but largely non-elite) economists write an open letter to Jeffrey Sachs.  #contrast


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