What is the best cost-benefit analysis of cycling investments?

Many people are upset at my rather anodyne remarks from earlier in the week.  Thus I have a simple question: what are the best cost-benefit studies of urban investments in bicycle lanes and other bicycle-friendly policies?  They have to take into account the opportunity cost of the land for bike lanes, the cost of cycling deaths and injuries, and the costs of slower vehicular traffic.  Counting those variables in addition to the rather considerable benefits of cycling is hardly a genius-level move, right?

Funny that, I can’t seem to find such a study!  But I am not an expert.  I am sure there are many such studies, so I am opening comments to all of you, so that I may pull in the appropriate references.  I will then read the best study or studies, and report back.

And if by some freak chance of nature no such studies can be found, what should we infer from that?

Addendum: And people (commentators), I don’t need the blah blah blah.  Don’t need the mood affiliation.  Don’t need the abstract citation of individual gross benefits.  Just the cost-benefit studies, please.  I am sure you will oblige.


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