Monday assorted links

1. “The aesthetic judgment factors differentiating human- and machine-generated art were all related to positive emotionality.

2. Average age people in various nations lose their virginity.  “Iceland [Malaysia] fact of the day.”

3. The political beliefs of Native Americans?

4. Which are the most expensive license plates and why?

5. “But it’s not a realistic option,” he said, ” to keep moving decoys and buying gallons of [coyote] urine.”  Link here, the elk fighting culture that is Oregon.  And this: “But apparently, once an elk gets a taste for rhododendrons, it will walk miles back to town to satisfy that craving.”

6. Is processed food the real divide between southern and northern Europe?

7. A URL on the license plates of 800,000 Maryland cars now redirects to an online casino based in the Philippines.

8. Starmer now pushing for UK nuclear power.

9. UFO likely fake news but more detailed and credible than usual?


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