My new iPad Pro

I am very glad I bought one of these, and not only because my older iPad started to lose charge too quickly (after many years).  The new device has for me three special and somewhat idiosyncratic benefits:

1. I don’t type very well on smaller devices such as smartphones.

2. On a very small screen, such as an iPhone, I am not able to read quickly.  On the larger iPad screen, my normal comparative advantage in reading speed is restored, with point #3 mattering too.

3. When in a cab, Uber, or on a train (I don’t ride on subways unless I have to), it props up remarkably easy, rather than the older iPad, which I had to hold up.  That boosts my reading and also typing speed, and comfort, considerably.  This is the one factor I had not considered as important when buying one.

Of course you might have other reasons for liking it too, but the “smart pencil” doesn’t interest me much.


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