Sunday assorted links

1. From Kyjnghyun Cho, total sanity on AGI risk.

2. The Bible is now banned in some Utah middle and elementary schools, due to violence and vulgarity.

3. “In a new analysis based on the latest telescope data, University of Florida astronomers have discovered that a third of the planets around the most common stars in the galaxy could be in a goldilocks orbit close enough, and gentle enough, to hold onto liquid water – and possibly harbor life.”  Link here.

4. “Viable offspring derived from single unfertilized mammalian oocytes.”  Not endorsing, but interesting to see.

5. Louise Perry reviews Bryan Caplan on feminism.

6. “VR technologies reduce the cost of accessing and being immersed in new contexts, while AR technologies reduce the cost of understanding and navigating a given context.

7. Good Ross column on where U.S. politics is procedurally at right now (NYT).


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