From my email, I will read this book

I won’t double indent, here is the email:

“Whatever It Is, I’m Against It,” Resistance to Change in Higher Education (Harvard Education Press; September 26, 2023; Price: $38.00), is a relentlessly frank look at higher education from the perspective of a long-time college president, dean, and faculty member.    

Rosenberg attempts, in this book, to answer a series of questions: 

  • Why is an industry so widely populated by people who consider themselves progressive so deeply conservative when it comes to its own work? 
  • Why are scholars whose disciplines are constantly evolving so resistant to institutional evolution? 
  • Why do colleges and universities that almost always speak in their mission statements about the transformative power of education find it so difficult to transform themselves? 
  • Why has virtually no fundamental practice within higher education—calendar, tenure processes, mode of delivery, grading—changed in meaningful ways for decades, if not centuries? 
    According to Rosenberg, the answers lie in the structures, practices, and cultures that have developed within higher education.  That is, there are reasons for the inability to change that go well beyond the temperament or competence of particular individuals.  If maintenance of the status quo is the goal, higher education has managed to create the ideal system.” 

The author is Brian Rosenberg and here is the Amazon listing.


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