My favorite fiction books of 2023

These were my favorite fictional works from this year’s reading:

Mircea Cartarescu, Solenoid.  About communist Romania, long, profound, a major work of fiction which can justifiably enter the pantheon.

Tezer Özlü, Cold Nights of Childhood.  A Turkish novella, originally published in 1980, newly translated into English and the first English-language book by her.  Here is more on the author.  Only 76 pp., can be read in one bite.

Rebecca F. Kuang, Yellowface.

J.M. Coetzee, The Pole.

Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov, new translation by Michael R. Katz.  I am on about p.200, so far my favorite of the major translations.

Ovid, Metamorphosis, new translation by Stephanie McCarter.  I have only browsed this one, but expect it to be very good.

I will of course provide an update by the end of the year, if only because the new Ha Jin novel is coming soon.

What would you all recommend?



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