Best movies of 2023

As usual, they are in the order I saw them (more or less), not ranked ordinally.  And sometimes there are reviews behind the link, sometimes by me:

Knock at the Cabin, theology all over this one.

Return to Seoul (NYT review).

John Wick 4, yup.

Polite Society

Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

You Hurt My Feelings

Incredible But True

Landscape with Invisible Hand

Bottoms, lesbian best friends in high school, not what you think.

The Creator

Joan Baez: I am a Noise, you don’t have to like her music to like the movie.

Holy Spider

Dream Scenario

May December, drenched in Bergman’s Persona.  And that is my pick for the best movie of the year.

The Killer (Netflix)


Godzilla Minus Zero.  I haven’t even seen this one yet, but I am confident in my judgment.

Updates will be made as is appropriate.  Overall, after some big dry spells, it was a pretty amazing year for movies.  Maybe not for Hollywood, but for movies.  Moviemakers are adapting well to the new circumstances and the new economics.  There are many more recommended selections I haven’t had the chance to sample yet, and maybe after I wake up I will put my list of those in the comments section.

What did you all like?


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