Daniel Gross on the printing press and GPT

In a way, everyone’s been wondering, trying to analogize ChatGPT with the printing press, but in reality it’s almost the opposite.

The entire thing is happening in the inverse of that, where the printing press was a technology to disseminate information through a book basically and convince people to do things, and the kind of anti-book is the LLM agent, which summarizes things very succinctly. If anything, it awakens people to the fact that they have been complicit in a religion for a very long time, because it very neatly summarizes these things for you and puts everything in latent space and suddenly you realize, “Wait a minute, this veganism concept is very connected to this other concept.” It’s a kind of Reformation in reverse, in a way, where everyone has suddenly woken up to the fact that there’s a lot of things that are wrong…

So yeah, it takes away all the subtlety from any kind of ideology and just puts it right on your face and yeah, people are having a reaction to it.

That is from the Ben Thompson (gated) interview with Daniel and Nat Friedman, self-recommending.


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