*Accelerating India’s Development*

The author is Karthik Muralidharan, and the subtitle is A State-Led Roapmap for Effective Governance.  If you imagine a 600 pp. “state capacity libertarian” take on Indian development this is what you get, admittedly with the libertarian side of the equation downplayed a bit.  Excerpt:

A common misconception is that the inefficiencies of the Indian state stem from its large size — that there are too many workers doing too few things.  In practice, the opposite is true, and the Indian state is highly understaffed.  As Figure 3.1 shows, India has only 16 public employees per 1000 people.  For comparison, China has over three times as many (57) and Norway has nearly ten times as many (159).  Even the US, often viewed as a leading example of a market-driven economy with limited government, has 77 public employees per 1000 people — nearly five times as many as India!

Recommended, here is the link on Amazon India.  An American edition is needed.  Here is a review of the book from The Economist.



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