Emergent Ventures, 33rd cohort

Alex Bartik and Arpit Gupta, Chicago and NYU, to work on zoning codes, machine learning, and LLMs.

Sasha Przyblski, 16, Ontario, building more durable batteries.

Egzona Marina, Kosovo and MIT, to promote science and neuroscience education in Kovoso.

Aldrich Heinz Alvarez, Manila, travel grant to San Francisco and Singapore, wearables that harness multi-modal AI.

Molly Cantillon, Stanford, for a hacker house at Stanford.

Ayush Tambde, Dublin (Mumbai), physics and wormholes, and to finance a trip to San Francisco.

Candela Francisco, 17, Buenos Aires, to become the world’s greatest woman chess player.

Aabhas Senapati, Harvey Mudd, from Ahmedabad, general career support, and for work on ecosystems.

Erick Li, Mexicali, to visit a social science conference at Harvard.

Lorcan Geraghty, Country Wicklow, Dublin, EirSpace, aerospace for Ireland.

Regan Arntz-Gray, Brooklyn, writing on feminism.

Steven Gong, Waterloo, to make videos on topics related to physics and math.

Dominic Sobhani, Midwest, Columbia University and now Tokyo, Progress Studies-related meet-ups and also personal travel.

Tomas Markey, 17, Ballineen, Cork area, Direct Air Capture Engineering.

Alexander Koch, Germany, Bay Area, robotics and robot learning.

Dylan Iskandar, Stanford, computer science, music, general career support.

Vesuvius Project, Bay Area.

Mark Koyama and Desiree Desierto, for British economic and political history, including in the 17th century.

Grant Getzelman, Bay area, computational wetware.

Naina Kumar, McLean, Virginia, 16, surgery + AR.


Yanchuk Dmytro, Kyiv, repairing electric station short circuits.

And here is Nabeel’s AI-driven directory of previous EV winners.



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