Emergent Ventures, 34th cohort

Kaavya Kumar, 16, Singapore, AI safety.

Asher Ellis, Yale, Indonesia studies and Pacific national security.

Sohi Patel and Teo Dimov, Yale, to work work on medical devices in the cardiovascular field.

Diego Sanchez de la Cruz, Madrid, to translate his new book on liberalism in Madrid into English.

Michael Ryan, Dublin, to build medical devices to monitor health.

Aden Nurie, 16, Tampa, to build an app to help people find soccer games.

Robert Davitt, Dublin/SF, starting a company to bring together visiting children with family and farm experiences.

Ulrike Nostitz, Dublin, to build out an Irish space law association.

Onno Eric Blom and Vinzenz Ziesemer, Netherlands, For a Dutch progress studies institute and a study on Dutch tech policy.

Katherine He, Yale, project to use LLMs to read and interpret legal codes.

Dan Schulz, San Francisco, podcasting.

Andrew Fang, Stanford, AI and real estate data project.

Ivan Zhang, San Francisco, AI safety.

Samuel Cottrell VI, Bay Area, general career support.

Julian Gough, Berlin/Ireland, book on black holes and the evolutionary theory of the universe.

Sean Jursnick, Denver,  architect, website, competition, and Medium essays for single-stair reform to improve building codes.

Julia Willemyns and David Lawrence, London, to support studies for improving UK science policy.

Adam Mastroianni, Ann Arbor, to run a Science House.

Jacob Mathew Rintamaki, Stanford, Nanotech.  Twitter here.

Agniv Sarkar, 17, San Francisco, neural nets.

Ukraine tranche:

Maria [Masha] O’Reilly, Kyiv, Instagram videos on Ukraine and its history.

Yanchuk Dmytro, Kyiv, to develop better methods for repairing electric station short circuits.

Yaroslava Okara, Kyiv/Kharkiv/LSE, to study internet communications, general career support.

Julia Lemesh, Boston, to send young Ukrainian talent to elite boarding schools abroad, Ukraine Global Scholars Foundation.



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