Friday assorted links

1. Hans Niemann profile.

2. Interview on Cape Verdean culture.  And here is Mayra Andrade.

3. John Luttig on closed vs. open source AI.

4. New phone apps turn books into 15-minute versions (New Yorker).

5. Is the number of academic jobs for economists falling in the U.S.?

6. “The observations suggest some of earliest “monster” black holes grew from massive cosmic seeds.

7. “MK’s platform is a mix of Zuma’s sense of personal victimhood, Zulu nationalism, opposition to constitutional rule, nationalising strategic industries, ending South Africa’s green energy policies, the creation of a new upper house for indigenous kings and queens (a decolonial House of Lords), as well as the expropriation of all land without compensation by the state and for it to be under the custody of traditional leaders.”  Link here.



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