Sunday assorted links

1. The most notable person from each geographic area?

2. French post office releases scratch-and-sniff baguette stamp.

3. Skepticism about the new and higher estimates of the costs of climate change.  And here are some critical comments from Matt Kahn, most about lack of adjustment in individual behavior, as it is modeled.

4. Did humans settle the Chesapeake earlier than we had thought?  “To complicate matters, Lowery — who has been affiliated with the Smithsonian but does much of his work independently — presented the results of his study of Parsons Island in a 260-page manuscript posted online rather than in a traditional peer-reviewed journal.”

5. “On a recent trip to Sephora, 11-year-old Lincoln Rivera asked his mom for a $125 atomizer of Yves Saint Laurent eau de parfum.

He also covets scents from Jean Paul Gaultier, which he learned about from the animated movie “Megamind,” and Paco Rabanne (some of its cologne bottles are shaped like robots).

“I feel fine about how I smell,” said Lincoln, a fifth grader in Westchester County, N.Y., whose olfactory experimentation has so far been limited to deodorant. “But I could smell even better.”  Here is the NYT link.

6. Group chats rule the world.

7. Robin Hanson responds on prediction markets.

8. A 1930 take on what makes for a good party.



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