Wednesday assorted links

1. Model this, cross-state variation in teen suicide rates.

2. What Swedes think about driverless car algorithms and their moral weights.

3. Median voter theorem: “A year-long joint investigation by The Washington Post, Lighthouse Reports and a consortium of international media outlets shows how the European Union and individual European nations are supporting and financing aggressive operations by governments in North Africa to detain tens of thousands of migrants each year and dump them in remote areas, often barren deserts.”

4. MIE: “the train station has a mystery vending machine where you can buy whatever is in the unclaimed packages from delivery lockers”

5. Bryan Caplan, technological pessimist (though I would put aside faster than light travel).

6. Kroszner on AI risk and financial prudence and supervision.  And the AI bill SB 1047 has at least passed the California Senate, with an uncertain future.


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