Friday assorted links

1. New AI video generator, open for public use.

2. The Chicago Cubs really were hurt by playing day games (a semi-new Substack from a GMU Ph.D. student).  And his (Nicholas Decker) observations on South African unemployment.

3. Major deposits of rare earth minerals discovered in Norway, never underestimate elasticity of supply.

4. Summary take on the Mediterranean diet, and other diets.

5. “The Israelis are using trebuchets. The Chinese and Indians are fighting with clubs and knives along the LOC. There is trench warfare in Ukraine. Retro-fication of warfare continues”  Link here.

6. Search instead of scaling?  And further results in that general direction.  Many of the “AI winter” types are not taking these directions seriously enough.  And from Rohit: “This is wild, and also why it is so hard to say what llms can’t do, because providing it a template to do a thing is equivalent to teaching it to do it.”



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