Why you should visit Cape Town, South Africa

First, it is one of the most beautiful cities and surrounding environs.  I would put it on a par with Vancouver and Hong Kong and Wellington, New Zealand.  Perhaps it is closest to Wellington.

Second, it is far safer than I was expecting.  Throughout the week, I never once experienced angst, and that included walks at night and a visit to a township.  Certainly there are dangerous places around, but you can do a whole, fulfilling trip without them.  I felt safer than in NW Washington, DC.

Third, the flight wasn’t nearly as bad as I had thought.  I am used to very long flights to Asia that leave at 11 a.m., wihch is suboptimal for me.  The flights DC to Cape Town — both ways direct I might add — left early evening.  So you read for a few hours, sleep for seven hours, and then read for a few hours again.  Then you arrive.  I’ve experienced more painful flights going to the West Coast from Dulles.  It never felt like 15 hours, nor the 14 hours coming back.

Fourth, it is inexpensive.

Fifth, the people are very friendly.

Sixth, during my trip the weather was excellent.  Some rain, but mostly during my other commitments.  It was in the 65 to 70 degree range, and sunny, most of the time I was going around.

I don’t have much to add to the tips in the guidebooks, and from MR readers.  But definitely take a day tour by car down to the bottom of the Cape, and see where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet.  Along the way, without much trying, you likely will see ostriches, baboons, and many penguins, in addition to various exotic African birds.

South Africa is one of those countries that has no other country like it.  That means you can learn more by going there.  That means you should go there.  Q.E.D.



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