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1. Review of a new and apparently impressive biography of Frank Ramsey.

2. Arnold Kling on public intellectuals.

3. Update on the World Bank paper controversy.  And here is the paper.

4. “…the power costs less to generate in India than the cheapest competing fossil fuel—coal—even with subsidies removed and the cost of construction and financing figured in, according to the Indian government and industry trackers.”  (WSJ)

5. Is Tesla better off without a traditional supply chain?

6. Oren Cass starts new group to challenge free market fundamentalism.

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1. “Burundi’s parliament has voted to pay $530,000 (£400,000) to President Pierre Nkurunziza and provide him with a luxury villa when he leaves office.

2. The Body Shop: “And there’s only three questions to get a job. It’s, ‘Are you authorized to work in the U.S.? Can you stand for up to eight hours? And can you lift over 50 pounds?’”

3. Here is a new NIMBY song, a kind of anti-recommended.  The tree song, people are calling in on Twitter.  A reflection of our time?

4. Elizabeth Bruenig on epilepsy (NYT).

5. The Get Smart “cone of silence” is now a commercial reality (NYT).

6. How to donate a piece of your brain to science — while you’re still alive.

7. Six hundred U.S. citizens right now quarantined on 15 military bases in this country.

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1. Cosmos and Taxis symposium on Boettke and Hayek.

2. Justin Fox on the economics of textbooksGreg Mankiw comments.  I think OER [open educational resources] will do better, and is already doing better, than Greg suggests.  A lot of “OER” is simply a mix of unmeasured uses of Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube, rather than a formal non-profit outcompeting the for-profit suppliers on their own terms.  I do agree with Greg that “In any event, it is not a good time to be entering the market with a new textbook.”

3. Rain as a source of renewable energy.

4. The problem with immigration is political, not economic.

5. Christopher Balding on health services in China.

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