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Wednesday assorted links

1. On ARPA models for science funding and their possible limits.

2. “On this German farm, cows are in charge…” (NYT)

3. Claudia Goldin on the gender pay gap (NYT).

4. Why might the 21st century be the world’s most important century?

5. “A patient with a spinal injury was left waiting in a corridor at Sunshine Hospital for 14 hours on Monday just days after Australia’s leading doctors warned that hospitals across the country were at “breaking point”.”  Link here.

6. “The humble rice gruel from Bengal, Panta Bhat, on Masterchef Australia is a wholesome rejection of the hierarchy of tastes.

Tuesday assorted links

1. ‘We Don’t Need Another Michelangelo’: In Italy, It’s Robots’ Turn to Sculpt — link here (NYT).

2. The ecosystem that is Minnesota: “Goldfish dumped in lakes grow to monstrous size, threatening ecosystems.”

3. Ransomware payment tracker.

4. That was then, this is now.  And more (sigh).

5. Noah interviews Matt.

6. John Cochrane on a carbon tax and the economics of extraction.  Are we just postponing the problem?

7. Mas-Colell update (in Spanish).  It seems he is off the hook for the money?

8. Very good Ross Douthat column on the Seven Years’ War (NYT).

Monday assorted links

1. What is the nature of German discrimination against Muslims?

2. “Our findings indicate that BWCs [body cameras] led to a significant decrease in the dismissal of investigations due to insufficient evidence (“not sustained”) as well as a significant increase in disciplinary actions against police officers (“sustained” outcomes”) with sufficient evidence to sanction their misconduct. We further find that disparities in complaints across racial groups for the “unsustained” category fade away with the implementation of BWCs.”  Link here.

3. “I’m a libertarian, so it’s usually obvious to me what’s awful about both parties.”  This piece is about the book world.  Best Slate article in ages.

4. “…we estimate that physicians lose 17% of Medicaid revenue to billing problems, compared with 5% for Medicare and 3% for commercial payers. Identifying off of physician movers and practices that span state boundaries, we find that physicians respond to billing problems by refusing to accept Medicaid patients in states with more severe billing hurdles. These hurdles are just as quantitatively important as payment rates for explaining variation in physicians’ willing to treat Medicaid patients.”  Link here.

Friday assorted links

1. Aljoša Jurinić playing Chopin Etudes Op.25.

2. What many people believe, and act on.  How much of it is true?

3. Saudi austerity.

4. Zaila Avant-garde.  And here is an excellent short video of her true skills, by her own account.

5. Back to normal: the West’s Cultural Revolution is over.

6. Profile of nature writer Dara McAnulty (NYT).

7. Tyler Cowen and Yaron Brook dialogue on science and progress.

Thursday assorted links

1. Nine-minute podcast with NPR, beach reads for NPR readers.  And Kramnik vs. Anand no-castling match in the works.

2. Long Blanchard and Tirole report on the economic challenges facing France, and here in French.

3. The distillery tour culture that is Scottish (short video).

4. Davis Kedrosky on what was the Industrial Revolution.

5. Methane (life?) on Enceladus?

6. mRNA vaccines against the flu.

Wednesday assorted links

1. Minerva Schools, for those of you who haven’t heard of it.  And Woolf University.

2. “The implication of the birthday paper is that, at the height of the pandemic, there were not very big differences in private behavior according to party, even if public behavior was different.” Link here.

3. Wikipedia page for Zemmour.  I much prefer liberalism, but he might become globally known soon.  And political discrimination as civil rights struggle (an approach you will regret if you pursue it, mark my words).

4. Eli Dourado on enhanced geothermal energy.  And Austin Vernon on geothermal.

5. DARPA for biomedicine update.

6. The authoritarian (and doomed) management style of Lina Khan.

Tuesday assorted links

1. Taiwan and TSMC dependence.

2. Claims about necks.

3. Replicable mask results.

4. Rigged for thee but not for me?

5. Can individual investors beat the market?

6. “With low level of infections, vaccines may (depending on testing strategy, but especially with universal or random testing) appear ineffective simply because of randomness due to false positives that would constitute most of the positive outcomes” Link here.

Sunday assorted links

1. Culture wars are long wars.  And is it the Left that has jacked up the culture wars?

2. More Scott Sumner movie reviews, he is always right.

3. Cleaner air has contributed one-fifth of U.S. maize and soybean yield gains since 1999.

4. Do we enjoy our stereotypes?

5. Police officer plays Taylor Swift song to try to block video.

6. “Demisexual people only feel sexually attracted to someone when they have an emotional bond…

Saturday assorted links

1. Memos related to the hiring of the “radical” economists at U. Mass Amherst, way back when.  And Bobby Fischer video on what went wrong with chess.

2. The history of Earl Slick, sideman guitarist.

3. A Richmond series on how the guardianship process leaves vulnerable people unprotected.

4. What the commies think.

5. “This estimate implies that the amenity value of a government job [in India] is at least 81% of total compensation.

6. Columbus vs. Columbo (what!!??).  That’s the TV character, not Sri Lanka.

7. “Farmbake biscuits are smashed into crumbs, combined with milk and thrown in the microwave to create fluffy chocolate “jail cake”.”  Not the only thing they make in NZ prison, a new home for yogurt entrepreneurship.

Friday assorted links

1. “Given these results, we show that it may be optimal to visit restaurants in a zigzag that alternates between high- and low-quality choices.”  I am not endorsing that one!

2. Jordan Schneider podcast has Larry Summers on China.

3. Is your “aha!” moment actually the announcement of a meta-cognition prediction error?

4. Long Twitter thread on Maimonides.

5. Immunological dark matter hypothesis is being revived.  And what might the Delta wave look like in the U.S.?

6. Louis Andriessen, RIP (NYT): “Mr. Andriessen wrote that in Mr. Greenaway’s films, “I recognize something of my own work, namely the combination of intellectual material and vulgar directness.””

7. Eight-year-old ant entrepreneur.

Thursday assorted links

1. Stablecoins, 1830-63.

2. New youngest chess grandmaster in history is 12 years old and lives in New Jersey.  Father is a software engineer, Indian background.

3. Today’s central bank digital currency status.  And Timothy Taylor on CBDC.

4. “This paper uses data from biological experiments to demonstrate that the trading behavior of mycorrhizal fungi is consistent with the predictions of GET [general equilibrium theory].

5. Forthcoming book: We Have Never Been Woke, looks great, sign up to receive notification of pre-order!

6. Mishnah on the Cowen-Deutsch CWT.

7. ““You’re never going to beat a kid’s adrenaline rush off a riot. You’re not going to stop them,” says Michael Logan, an 18-year-old who works part-time at Townsend Outreach Centre, a youth centre off the loyalist stronghold of the Shankill Road.” (FT link)

8. Rare white puffin.

9. “Japan’s top court on Wednesday again ruled legal provisions forcing married couples to use the same surname are constitutional, upholding a Supreme Court judgment from 2015.

10. NYT profile of Joe Rogan.