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Wednesday assorted links

1. More.  Please forgive the source and the pop-ups.

2. Those new service sector jobs: the rising number of dog lawyers in Canada.

3. The decentralized origin of standard weights.

4. The longer-term economic consequences of pandemics, over 220 years.

5. Why Africa’s island states are generally freer (The Economist).

6. Transient pacemaker that dissolves harmlessly in your body.  And another step toward a pancoronavirus vaccine.

7. New Joe Lonsdale AmericanOptimist podcast.

Tuesday assorted links

1. Quarles skeptical about a CBDC.

2. Ransomware hackers building their own VC system.

3. Why is American infrastructure so expensive?

4. Mas-Colell update (in Spanish), here in English.  Judgment rendered, and he (joint with Mas, if I understand correctly) has to put up a bond of over two million euros and later stand trial, possibly to be found liable for that sum.

5. Amazing how cheap this Courbet is (other Old Masters too).

6. I feel I’ve been in advance of this trend.  Non-believer intellectuals on the Right who pay heed to religion as a cultural foundation.

7. Nintil on California wildfires, very good post.

Sunday assorted links

1. “In fact it would be a *routine occurrence* that fully vaccinated individuals make up half of new infections.

2. Jennifer Doleac on lead and crime.

3. Can we reduce sonic booms? (New Yorker)

4. Will Singapore learn to live with Covid?

5. Pending regulation of DeFi? (FT)  And the outrage of Britney.  And is forced contraception legal? (NYT)

6. Non-alcoholic vacations are now “a thing”? (NYT)  I guess that is good, sort of…but bad that it is good?

Saturday assorted links

1. “The perpetrators were making low value transactions – often as little as one cent – as a means to contact their victims.

2. How to improve construction productivity, and why that is hard.

3. Best of Econtwitter Substack.

4. Mix and match for vaccines seems to be working out.  And new and promising CRISPR results?  Possibly important.

5. Architect Wang Shu on China’s new modernism.

6. Using novels to predict the next war? (speculative, Tetlock it ain’t)

7. Does the internet use up less energy than we think? (NYT)  Research article here.

Thursday assorted links

1. Do mongooses sit behind a Rawlsian veil of ignorance?

2. “…despite the socially progressive and egalitarian outlook traditionally associated with liberalism, the most liberal Democrats actually expressed the greatest dehumanization of Republicans.”  And how about this clincher: “…and demonstrates the need to develop more constructive outlets for social identity maintenance.”

3. Claims about Tether.

4. Solve for the fungi equilibrium?

5. Please let’s not regulate private space tourism.

6. Good piece on why the Benin bronzes should be returned (NYT).

7. There is progress after all.

Wednesday assorted links

1. Noah Smith interviews @pmarca.

2. Glad to see so many economists waking up to the potential tyranny of administrative law (in Spanish).  If there should be a jury trial for anything, it is sedition.

3. Early days of the comic book industry.  And the rise of the $10 million disc golf celebrity.

4.  Way back when, the major Keynesians endorsed Nixon’s wage and price controls.  Sigh…

5. Free Britney Spears!  Really (NYT).  “Ms. Spears, 39, expressed serious opposition to the conservatorship earlier and more often than had previously been known, and said that it restricted everything from whom she dated to the color of her kitchen cabinets.”  Now imagine being in this same position without her fame and her (only partially controlled) resources.  I find it remarkable how little our world cares about this issue.

6. “This looks like a post-apocalyptic scene from a Cinderella nightmare, but these faux chateaux are real!

Tuesday assorted links

1. Updated data on unicorns, including Chinese numbers.

2. Those new Indian service sector jobs: A CCTV Company Is Paying Remote Workers in India to Yell at Armed Robbers.  And Stalin’s Economic Council.

3. NYT profile of Emily Oster.

4. What is ranked-choice voting, and why is NYC using it?

5. More arguments about Tether and crypto stability.

6. Why are so many people writing about social epistemology?

7. Happiness researcher Edward Diener has passed away (NYT).

Saturday assorted links

1. “A set of land in virtual world Decentraland has sold for a record-breaking $913,808 worth of MANA, the game’s Ethereum-based cryptocurrency.

2. Vitalik on Verkle trees.  And cryptocurrency machines headed to San Antonio.

3. Ecuadorean frog named after Led Zeppelin.

4. Profile of economist Natasha Sarin (NYT).

5. “Soccer’s international governing body Friday punished Mexico for the use of homophobic slurs by its fans on multiple occasions this year, ordering the program to stage two official home matches without spectators.

Wednesday assorted links

1. A public choice model of where support for the administrative state came from historically.  And John Austin on centralization.

2. Ari Lamm podcast with Leah Boustan on the Bible and big data; Ari Lamm podcast with Hollis Robbins “Only the Weirdos can Save Us!

3. “It is obscene: a true reflection in three parts.

4. Sniffing out new friends.

5. Will they insert advertisements into your dreams? (highly speculative, absurd you might say)

6. Punjab in Pakistan ties cell service to vaccination.