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Wednesday assorted links

1. Residential home services: “Our results show that more stringent licensing regulations are associated with less competition and higher prices but not with any improvement in customer satisfaction as measured by review ratings or the propensity to use the platform again.”

2. Philip Wallace on Andrew Yang.

3. The culture that is Louisiana.

4. The deepest hole we have dug.

5. Vincent Geloso on state capacity libertarianism.

6. Is Brazil tanking without daylight savings time?

Tuesday assorted links

1. The most checked out books of all time from the New York Public Library.  #1 is The Snowy Day, by Ezra Jack Keats.

2. Why gaming is outperforming TV, recommended.

3. Flying has become much cheaper over the last five years (sometimes trotted out as a case of “monopoly,” because the number of major carriers went down).

4. Deaflix: Deaf Entertainment Network.

5. Bagel Union > Mafia.

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Thursday assorted links

Tuesday assorted links

1. Why is children’s TV so weird and mesmerizing?  A little slow at the beginning, but recommended.

2. Products Elad Gil wishes to see.

3. The empire strikes back: Dominic Cummings not allowed to hire civil servants directly.  And: “One of the UK’s top employment lawyers previously told the Guardian that the post was “quite outrageous from an employment law perspective”.”

4. Robert Trivers on Jeffrey Epstein.

5. Why some knots work and others do not.

6. Thirteen tips for engaging with physicists, from a biologist.

Monday assorted links

1. Amish rules: “Children of richer Amish parents are less likely to leave the community.”

2. Those new service sector jobs: “When Mark Holmgren had his arm amputated this spring, he couldn’t stand the thought of his severed limb ending up in the trash. Instead, he had his arm bones cleaned, mounted and preserved for posterity.”

3. Making sugar more efficient.

4. A Grand Canal museum for China?  I will visit.

5. Which books are abandoned the most often? (Gwern, a knotty problem of estimation)

6. Further evidence on U.S. consumers bearing tariff costs, also relevant for market power debates.  And yet further data on the question.

Sunday assorted links

1. NYT covers Prager U.

2. A retirement home for whales?

3. Disagreement on disagreement.  Note that the top option “Willing to bet on position” is incoherent, because to each bet there is a counterparty with the opposite opinion.  Of those indicators, I say go first with the Turing test score.

4. A two-meter floodwall for St. Mark’s square in Venice?

5. Henry Oliver with advice for Dominic Cummings.

6. “Northern Virginia is estimated to get 71 percent of the new jobs in the period, compared to 15 percent in the District and 14 percent in suburban Maryland…”  NoVa on the march.

Saturday assorted links

Friday assorted links

1. Are the Republicans embracing industrial policy?

2. Dominic Cummings advertises for talent, recommended if you haven’t already read it.  They are hiring “assorted weirdos.”  (Is it better to advertise for weirdos, rather than just hire them?  I’ve never advertised for a weirdo — or have I?)  And commentary from Henry Oliver.

3. Henry Olson’s WaPo column on State Capacity Libertarianism.

4. What Devin learned in 2019, part I.

5. Might Maryland and Virginia move toward YIMBY?

6. “Why do we care (should we care) so much about the distribution of something that is essentially impossible to measure or define?”  More on Saez and Zucman, which really is not holding up very well.

7. Why do doctors think they are so great?