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Tuesday assorted links

1. What would one-dimensional chess look like?

2. Very high implicit marginal tax rates for poor people (link fixed).

3. Very good Jason Furman thread on inflation uncertainty.

4. The power of median inflation.

5. Buy shares in your favorite musicians?

6. Andreu Mas-Colell is in trouble for secessionary activities.  And more from Pol AntrasHans Peter Grüner says: “It is hard to imagine that someone capable of writing such a wonderful textbook could have done anything that makes him deserve that kind of treatment.”

7. Very negative take on El Salvador and bitcoin.

Monday assorted links

1. “A Gujarat government official has claimed that he is Kalki, the tenth incarnation of Vishnu, and can’t come to office because he is conducting a “penance” to “change the global conscience”.”

2. Fergus McCullough on Sarah Ruden’s Gospels translation.

3. “The pace of [new business] applications since mid-2020 is the highest on record (earliest data available is 2004.)”

4. Constant female labor force participation over the centuries?

5. New Yorker and unionization (NYT).

6. Median CPI still under control.

Saturday assorted links

1. Why did WWI take so long to start?

2. More than one layer of signaling in this story.

3. Whether various European countries have exceeded their 2006 gdp per capita highs.

4. It seems robots make us healthier.

5. Should people in academia write more on Wikipedia?

6. Even most Democrats do not favor taxing unrealized gains.

7. El Salvador: “Los intercambios en bitcoin no estarán sujetos a impuestos sobre las ganancias de capital al igual que cualquier moneda de curso legal.”  And Bitcoin Beach in ES.

Friday assorted links

1. Not sure I have been abused for any prediction more than this one, and yet it seems true: “Democratic primary voters have been turning away this year from the anti-elite furies that continue to roil Republican politics, repeatedly choosing more moderate candidates promising steady leadership over disrupters from the party’s left wing.”  Here is yet further evidence of ongoing moderation.

2. More on Ivermectin.  And very real progress on dengue — yes the biomedical revolution finally is here.  More on that from The Atlantic.

3. Chess players ranked by fighting spirit?

4. Can Bollywood survive Modi? (Atlantic)

5. Ross Douthat on @pmarca and “Reality Privilege in action.”

Thursday assorted links

1. Is this possible?: “Criminals may have stolen as much as half of the unemployment benefits the U.S. has been pumping out over the past year, some experts say.”

2. When should ngdp be unstable?

3. Is Nero underrated? (New Yorker)

4. Sixty times the speed of sound? (USS Princeton radar team and pilot source, also a good presentation of the multiple data sources which are neglected by West and PewdiePie.)  And here is the common briefing message given to the ex-presidents.

5. Where are the Chinese elephants going and why?

6. Darrell Duffie argues for CBDC.

7. Kristof on the new Claudia Goldin book (NYT).

Wednesday assorted links

1. The case for zoonotic origins.

2. What don’t we know about Long Covid?

3. Ohio sues to have Google declared a public utility.

4. The cost of cloud.

5. Hester Peirce on crypto (FT).

6. “Progressive taxation underperforming Biden by 12 percentage points in Illinois not paint a particularly rosy outlook with respect to the political feasibility of approaching Western European levels of taxation.”  Link here.

Tuesday assorted links

1. National Geographic.  And amazing how unfunny is Woke TikTok (NYT).  How many Woke comedians could fill a mid-sized arena?

2. Cicadas swarming around Washington are showing up on weather radar.

3. Bitcoin en El Salvador? (in Spanish)  What is their real strategy here?

4. An argument that high inflation is indeed coming.

5. Ross is right (NYT).  And aphantasia and hyperphantasia (NYT).  Here is a rebuttal to Ross if you would like to read it, I think it is weak.

Monday assorted links

1. How inevitable is the concept of numbers?

2. Learning about disadvantage leads to perceptions of incompetence.

3. The decline and indeed collapse of the ACLU (NYT).

4. “Latinos who overestimate their lightness (darkness) take less (more) liberal positions on racialized political issues than those who do not.

6. The import of home field advantage in soccer.

Wednesday assorted links

1. Todd Kashdan criticizing his own work.

2. “The American Economic Journal: Microeconomics (one of the very top journals that isn’t part of the holy Top-5, hallowed be thy names) managed to go an entire year without accepting a paper!”  (out of 415 submissions).

3. How the NIH behaves during an emergency.

4. Increase of women in personnel management.

5. There is no Argentine bola great stagnation.

6. Speculative.

7. Sheilagh Ogilvie does Five Books on the Industrial Revolution.

Tuesday assorted links

1. The resilience of the U.S. corporate bond market.  And who needs a flying car?

2. Famous economists’ grave sites.

3. “Measured intelligence did not predict increased mate appeal in either study, whereas perceived intelligence and funniness did.”  Speculative.

4. Blockchain-based smart contract for Kenyan crop insurance (speculative).

5. David Beckworth podcast with Mark Carney, mostly macro.

6. Winning probabilities of horses with fast-sounding names are overstated.

7. How they used to dance, starring Doris Day.

Monday assorted links

1. What do Finns think of Covid restrictions?

2. New York City’s bird paramedics (New York magazine).  And how the health care DARPA is coming along.

3. “American said that alcohol would continue to be served in first class and business class…” (NYT)

4. Solve for the equilibrium: “Any doofus can be a cybercriminal now,” said Sergei A. Pavlovich, a former hacker who served 10 years in prison in his native Belarus for cybercrimes. “The intellectual barrier to entry has gotten extremely low.” (NYT)

5. Danish spying markets in everything?

6. Observations on gerrymandering.

7. No wonder we are doing so well: “The number of Master’s and Doctoral degree holders more than doubled (in the US) from 2000 to 2018.”

8. Chad Underwood speaks.

Saturday assorted links

1. An escalator made of cardboard (short video).

2. Cats of brutalism.

3. Orson Welles, The Immortal Story, 58 minutes long, made for French TV 1968, one of his best.  Jeanne Moreau too, full of MIE themes, and as I view it a critique of the wealthy, more substantive than the usual.

4. Markets in everything: pay for the chance to heist mannequin parts from a mountain of mannequin parts.

5. Progress Studies 101, by Sagar Devkate.

6. A recruiter on why restaurants are having trouble hiring.  Of course this means that right now is a relatively bad time to be eating out a lot — higher variance of outcomes and even well-known restaurants have become harder to predict.

7. Lots of Democratic economists think Summers is right but they are afraid to say it.  Context from Jason Furman here.