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1. Peer review watch.

2. Silicon Valley residents are turning against self-driving cars.

3. The Indonesian woman who killed Kim’s brother with VX.

4. People weight reiterated messages too heavily (pdf).

5. “The distrust persists even half a century after the [Great Chinese] Famine, has been transmitted to the subsequent generation, and has spilled over to a broad range of political attitudes unrelated to the Famine.”  Link here.

6. Interview with Amartya Sen.  He can’t bring himself to admit that Modi is fairly popular.

Saturday assorted links

1. Knur and Spell: the creative destruction of bygone sports.

2. Is The Sheraton censoring Taiwan?

3. Bank of Jamaica uses reggae music to teach monetary policy (WSJ).

4. The origins of various PC ideas.

5. How to avoid currency conversion charges on your credit card use overseas (NYT).

6. China announced fact of the day: “China’s Ministry of Education announced that the country has built the world’s largest higher education system with the gross enrollment ratio in higher education rising to 48.1 percent from 0.26 percent in 1949.”

Friday assorted links

1. Paul Krugman on Riverside Park and NYC.

2. “It’s possible that in the long run, then, we face a choice: Fixed money supply. Proof of work. Adequate security. Pick two (at most). How Bitcoin addresses this trilemma will be fascinating to watch. If not in 2020, then at some point.”  Link here.

3. The next Nobel laureates as predicted by citations?  And further predictions.

4. Tools for transformative thought, by Andy Matuschak and Michael Nielsen.  A better way of learning?

5. Start-up options are better than they look.

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1. “The things that sex workers do to stay safe are almost always the things civilians want to pass laws to stop.

2. Income-sharing agreements are making progress.

3. Arranged marriages with no consent.

4. MIE: Mattel launches gender-neutral dolls.

5. Mary Halvorson, Macarthur winner and jazz guitarist.  And here is my CWT with Emily Wilson, translator and classicist, another Macarthur winner.

6. Chinese housing privatization: the most important economic policy you’ve never discussed?

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