assorted links

Wednesday assorted links

1. Kittyconomics (teaching economics through cat videos).

2. Imagery on good vs. bad banknotes.

3. “This contains official information about the upcoming Harvard Graduate Students Union – United Auto Workers strike. Strikers will stop work on the first hour of December 3rd.

4. “We won’t deal with millionaires,” says Sean Hoey, managing director of the facility, run by International Bank Vaults (IBV). “We will be dealing only with billionaires.”  Article link.

Tuesday assorted links

1. “We find a small hot hand effect for free throws, concentrated in second and third shots in a free throw sequence, in players shooting at least 100 free throws in a season, and in games where players shoot four to five free throws. We find the opposite results for field goal attempts. If a player makes a field goal, he is less likely to make his next field goal attempt. These results are robust to controlling for the characteristics of the previous shot. Interestingly, both offenses and defenses respond to made field goals as if the hot hand effect exists.”  Link here.

2. “[German labor in the boardroom] …lowers outsourcing, while moderately shifting employment to skilled labor.

3. Do good teachers make you taller?

4. Claudia Sahm podcast with David Beckworth.

5. Alex Bell is now awesome and not just apparently awesome (NYT).

Saturday assorted links

1. Scott Sumner on progress, recommended.

2. “The Tribunal’s members are certain – unanimously, and sure beyond reasonable doubt – that in China forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience has been practiced for a substantial period of time involving a very substantial number of victims.”  Link here.

3. Claims about chocolate.

4. Are communist women more competitive?

5. New force of nature?

6. The importance of negative results from RCTs (NYT).

Thursday Thanksgiving assorted links

1. Arizona pizzeria organist dies, make us realize more restaurants need organists.

2. Jiro sushi no longer open to the public.

3. Swiss asylum-seeker results: “Our baseline result is that cohorts exposed to civil conflict/mass killing during childhood are 35 percent more prone to violent crime than the average cohort.”

4. Will AI be a disaster for authoritarianism?

5. Deludedly deeming deregulation a disaster.

6. Splitting up the World Series pie.

Tuesday assorted links

1. “Ancient coin designs encoded increasing amounts of economic information over centuries.

2. “Powell will serve 10 years in prison, Davies will do 8½ years and Wicks will spend five years behind bars for failing to report Viking treasure.”  Also coins!

3. Ed Conard on Philippon and monopoly.

4. When are women willing to lead?

5. Telepresence.

6. Suite Judy Blue Eyes (NYT).

Friday assorted links

Tuesday assorted links

1. North Korean restaurants in Russia fail to draw diners.

2. Repeat link, but corporate taxes do seem to discourage investment.  Just in case you had forgotten, or in case you had starting believing that correlation implies causation, or that lack of correlation implies lack of causation.  Or something like that.

3. EV winner Lama Al Rajih works with Culdesac, a start-up that just premiered (WSJ), devoted to walkable, carless residential neighborhoods.

4. Caplan responds to Garett Jones on open borders.

5. Here is a serious pro-Morales take covering recent events in Bolivia.

6. Transcript of new Peter Thiel talk.

Sunday assorted links

1. Chilean citizen lasers take down drones.

2. Those new service sector jobs is this a Straussian reference to the Rolling Stones song?

3. “Lotto lout Michael Carroll reveals he is ‘happier now’ working seven days a week as a £10-an-hour coalman after blowing £10m jackpot on drink, drugs and brothels (and claims he slept with 4,000 women).”  Link here.

4. BallerBusters “calls out” the phony rich people who in fact don’t have much money (NYT).

5. They let 70 different teams study the same fMRI results, you can imagine what happened.