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Wednesday assorted links

1. Robin Hanson: Is Status-Seeking A Context-Neglecting-Value?

2. UFO skeptic West has not in fact debunked those videos.

3. More on the new UK science funding agency.

4. Story of Novavax (WSJ).  And new efficacy data for Chinese vaccines.

5. Response to Julia Galef and Herbert Simon on the value of travel.

6. “The huge parachute used by NASA’s Perseverance rover to land on Mars contained a secret message, thanks to a puzzle lover on the spacecraft team.  Systems engineer Ian Clark used a binary code to spell out “Dare Mighty Things” in the orange and white strips of the 70-foot (21-meter) parachute. He also included the GPS coordinates for the mission’s headquarters at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.”  Link here.

7. New radical computer science program in Limerick, Ireland.

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Sunday assorted links

1. Rohit Krishnan reviews Stubborn Attachments.

2. “South Korea was the only country in the Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that had total fertility rate below 1 for two consecutive years.

3. Israel-Syria barter markets in everything prisoners for vaccines (NYT).

4. “Mary Beard, a professor of classics at Cambridge University, posited that while Caligula might have been assassinated because he was a monster, it is equally possible that he was made into a monster because he was assassinated.” (NYT)  How much do we really know about the ancient world anyway?

5. Good news on the South African strain.

6. Gelassenheit.

Saturday assorted links

1. Do birth subsidies lead to more babies? (NYT)

2. Heartland visas will be part of the Biden immigration bill.

3. U-Roy has passed away (NYT).

4. Both The Dig (1939 British archaeology and sexual restraint) and Minari (Korean immigrant family farming in Arkansas) are excellent movies and show that “old school” substantive cinema is alive and well.  Given the number (and quality?) of delayed releases, this will be quite a year for moviegoing.  At some point.  Nomadland, however, did not thrill me.  It is ultimately a movie for either critics who wish to condescend or viewers who wish to see another portrait of alienated middle America, at this point a dull and overdone topic.  Good negative Richard Brody review here (New Yorker).

5. A 3D map of all the buildings in the Netherlands, colored by their age.

6. High-interest lending and pawn shop activity are both falling.

7. For me at least the Andrew Farrant book on Hayek and Mill and liberalism was priced at zero for Kindle.

Friday assorted links

Thursday assorted links

1. “Work on things that aren’t prestigious.”

2. Patricia Lockwood on Ferrante.

3. How to get cancelled in Iceland, alternatively what not to look for in your supermarket’s PR director.

4. What do jobless men do all day?  And the undermotivated apostate.

5. Vitalik on prediction markets, smart contract risk, epistemic humility, and more.  Like most Vitalik, it is too good to excerpt.

6. Ezra Klein on work and child allowances (NYT).  I agree with some but not all of this, in any case it is already obvious how much Ezra is in the very top tier of NYT columnists after only a few pieces.  Every part of it is an actual argument, supported by evidence of some kind or another.

Wednesday assorted links

1. Arnold Kling on feminized culture.

2. SSC on vitamin D.  He is fairly skeptical, I am more skeptical yet. The macro correlations that are there could be the result of many different forces, there is not much reason in theory to attribute such power to vitamin D.

3. How Paul Graham chose what to work on, painting, RISD, why he quit YC, and other stuff too.

4. Human challenge trials coming to the UK.  And a brief but important comment: “This is most important experiment on COVID not yet done anywhere in the world. Can give us badly-needed data points on viral load, transmission and infection progression. Can later be used for vastly accelerated trials for vaccines, therapeutics and preventative approaches.”

5. Ben Southwood on how to build strong suburbs.

6. Cowen’s Second Law: “Accuracy of Urologic Conditions Portrayed on Grey’s Anatomy.”

7. Kalshi: real money prediction markets coming later this spring (WSJ).

Tuesday assorted links

1. Copenhagen medical students more likely to get Covid from socializing than from treating patients.

2. Further results on the anti-obesity drug.

3. Why does Texas have its own power grid?  And a Bloomberg explainer on what happened in Texas.  And from ArsTechnica.

4. How to reopen your schools?: “Crazy slow spend out rate for the education provisions of the Biden plan. Only $12 billion (7%) of the $168bn set aside for elementary/secondary/higher ed relief fund will get spent this fiscal year”.  And Vox on teacher’s unions.  And state of Virginia now has a $730 million budget windfall.  C’mon people, yes there are still some significant state budget problems, but it is time to put down your Progressive catnip and contorted rationalizations and admit that Larry was right about this one.

5. Further Bloomberg coverage of the China hack.  I genuinely do not know what is the bottom line here, but interesting to see that the story still is alive.

6. On late bloomers.

Sunday assorted links

1. The missing 200,000 cows?

2. Why were Venetian glass beads in Alaska so early? And some commentary.

3. How we should distribute the J&J vaccine.

4. Scott Sumner on middlebrow.  And the Jason Crawford guide to Scott Alexander.  And Scott Alexander himself.  A devastating reply, though I think the screw-up is less competent than a conspiracy.  Do notice Scott’s Straussian choice of photo.  Here is Matt.  A very good piece.  I can’t recall the last time I saw such near-unanimous and bipartisan and also highly reasoned condemnation of a feature profile.  And Douglas Murray.  Those last two paragraphs are a doozy.

5. Is it the humidity inside the mask that protects you?

6. Art on the blockchain.

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