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Friday assorted links

1. Alexey Guzey has a new non-profit — New Science — which seeks to revitalize science funding.

2. Wealth inequality is not the same as consumption inequality.  Relevant for capital gains tax issues.

3. Noah: “My unified theory of COVID denial is “fear management”. People who weren’t used to being afraid of things suddenly had something to fear, and didn’t know how to deal with it, and felt ashamed, so they denied COVID in order to try to convince themselves they weren’t really afraid.”

4. The McCartney Ram album.

5. Ezra Klein/Agnes Callard podcast.  And on advice.

6. And excerpt from the 60 Minutes segment.

Wednesday assorted links

1. “Their findings revealed a Native American genetic signature among people on some of Polynesia’s easternmost islands.

2. The Scythian warrior cloning culture that is Russia?

3. What the internet is talking about.

4. Zoning issues on the ballot boost homeowner turnout by quite a bit.

5. Is the Chilean pension system unraveling? (Bloomberg)

6. “An anti-vaccine conspiracy about the vaccinated are leading some anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers to contemplate wearing a mask and social distance.

Saturday assorted links

1. Furman and Powell on labor markets.  And monopsony oops.

2. New crypto journal.

3. “We find that the state‐level rules targeted at the beer supply chain vary between 1,177 and 25,399, with the average state implementing 10,212 formal regulatory restrictions.

4. Jean Monnet, guerrilla bureaucrat.

5. Byrne Hobart on Stripe.

6. “Last year, more anti-Asian hate crimes were reported to police in Vancouver, a city of 700,000 people, than in the top 10 most populous U.S. cities combined.”  Note however that data standards may not be uniform!  Still…

Friday assorted links

1. “Unlike some of these contests, the winner isn’t chosen at random. Instead, “your level of enthusiasm for watching home improvement shows will be a strong factor in the selection process,” according to the contest website.”  Link here.

2. Inequality amongst children.

3. Can bees smell Covid-19?

4. Which incentives for vaccines are most effective for which groups? (NYT)

5. Magnus Carlsen edition: That was then, and this is now (link fixed).

6. The best Ursula Le Guin books?

Wednesday assorted links

1. Additional problems with central bank digital currencies.

2. Nicholas Wade on where Covid-19 really came from.  And commentary from Elad.  Original link is updated here.

3. Police vaccination rates are low.

4. “Travel agencies in Thailand are selling coronavirus “vaccine tours” to the United States, as some wealthy Thais grow impatient awaiting mass inoculations that are still a month away amid the country’s biggest outbreak so far.”  Link here.

Monday assorted links

1. Stapp and Dourado criticizing bitcoin.  Better than the usual b.s.

2. Reindeer cyclones.

3. How old are you?  Recommended for all those above a certain age, but which age might that be?  There is only one way to find out.

4. How Pixar uses colors.

5. Johnny Rogan, one of the best biographers, has passed away.

6. “We find that the shutdown of Google News reduces overall news consumption by about 20% for treatment users, and reduces page views on publishers other than Google News by 10%. This decrease is concentrated around small publishers.”  Link here.

Sunday assorted links

1. Those new service sector jobs.

2. How much would be collected from a higher capital gains rate?

3. Fairfax County police chief under fire for earlier behavior.

4. “The Pfizer vaccine’s “280 different components, manufactured in 86 different sites across 19 countries, driven partly by the research of Turkish migrants to Germany, is globalization in a needle.””  Link here.

5. Income at the margin for Supreme Court Justices (Bloomberg).  Is this a problem or not?

6. The difficulties of being Australian (Pakistani).

Friday assorted links

1. Richard Hanania follow-up on why everything is so liberal (the wrong word, in my view, btw).

2. Prospects for a universal coronavirus vaccine?

3. Infrastructure and jobs.

4. Short video on how Libra evolved into Diem.

5. Has Covid made airline boarding procedures worse?

6. Donkey delight at the Donkey Sanctuary.

7. Replication guide to Thinking: Fast and Slow.

8. Washington state approves seven percent capital gains tax.

Thursday assorted links

1. Michael Collins, RIP (Byrds song).

2. The rise of French tacos (New Yorker).

3. Cass Sunstein on interest group theories of regulation.

4. Biden sides with the stagnationists.

5. Really?: “Germany’s domestic intelligence service said on Wednesday that it would surveil members of the increasingly aggressive coronavirus denier movement because they posed a risk of undermining the state.” (NYT)

6. It is hard to reform science funding, I say go stand-alone, important.

7. Can this France poll be right?