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Tuesday assorted links

1. “People emotionally tied to robots can undermine relationships with co-workers.

2. Metaculus giving about 75% odds that Putin is still in power a year from now.  And Fiona Hill on the mind of Putin.

3. Russians have dollar-denominated mortgages.

4. Those new service sector jobs who needs a bear conflict manager?

5. Do you really want that private ambulance in Sweden?

6. Why the Russian air force has been so poor.

7. Benjamin Yeoh podcast with Alec Stapp (Institute for Progress) on policy, the internet, think tanks, and more.

Sunday assorted links

1. Those new service sector jobs: grizzly bear conflict manager.

2. A new zoonotic origins paper.  And another here.  And a very good thread on those papers.

3. Russia and Ukraine in the air cargo market.

4. The game theory of currency competition with crypto and CBDCs.

5. Why the Russians are struggling.

6. More on the gay academic achievement gap.

7. What Covid discourse sounds like (SNL, YouTube video).

Saturday assorted links

1. “Each student is allowed to bring only one pet and must pay a $250 cleaning fee for the academic year; emotional support animals are free.

2. Japanese Columbo.

3. “Bar-tailed Godwits regularly travel more than 7,000 miles non-stop.

4. “Latvia bans unvaccinated lawmakers from voting, docks pay.

5. “Millions of people not fully vaccinated against Covid in the regions of Upper Austria and Salzburg will be allowed to leave their homes only for reasons considered essential to life, such as going to work, grocery shopping or visiting the doctor…”  Link here.

6. Those new service sector jobs? And why academics remain in the academy.  And further deflation in the Austrian brothel, including for fourteen-year-olds.

Wednesday assorted links

1. More.  Please forgive the source and the pop-ups.

2. Those new service sector jobs: the rising number of dog lawyers in Canada.

3. The decentralized origin of standard weights.

4. The longer-term economic consequences of pandemics, over 220 years.

5. Why Africa’s island states are generally freer (The Economist).

6. Transient pacemaker that dissolves harmlessly in your body.  And another step toward a pancoronavirus vaccine.

7. New Joe Lonsdale AmericanOptimist podcast.

Sunday assorted links

1. Those new service sector jobs.

2. How much would be collected from a higher capital gains rate?

3. Fairfax County police chief under fire for earlier behavior.

4. “The Pfizer vaccine’s “280 different components, manufactured in 86 different sites across 19 countries, driven partly by the research of Turkish migrants to Germany, is globalization in a needle.””  Link here.

5. Income at the margin for Supreme Court Justices (Bloomberg).  Is this a problem or not?

6. The difficulties of being Australian (Pakistani).

Sunday assorted links

1. Those new service sector jobs: “I’ve helped over 3,000 clients plan elaborate marriage proposals. The most expensive proposal so far was on a private island and cost over $100,000.”  And West Palm hotel book butler.

2. The mRNA path to fighting malaria.

3. “At the time of writing it looks as though the European Football Championships, originally to be played across the continent, will be held solely in England, a neat metaphor for this confusing year.

4. John Cochrane fiscal theory of the price level draft.  And Arnold Kling responds on inflation.

5. Rachel Glennerster’s brother on immortality.

Sunday assorted links

1. New results on income inequality and the equity premium.  The premium should fall with the rise of the super-wealthy, because those people care less about a given level of risk.

2. Those new service sector jobs.

3. Fox in Berlin assembles impressive shoe collection.

4. “More than 50 years ago, the Serum Institute began as a shed on the family’s thoroughbred horse farm…Horses are still everywhere.”  (NYT)

5. Cuban (!) paper, small n, but interferon seems to be working.

6. How vaccine progress happened so quickly.

Monday assorted links

1. Amish rules: “Children of richer Amish parents are less likely to leave the community.”

2. Those new service sector jobs: “When Mark Holmgren had his arm amputated this spring, he couldn’t stand the thought of his severed limb ending up in the trash. Instead, he had his arm bones cleaned, mounted and preserved for posterity.”

3. Making sugar more efficient.

4. A Grand Canal museum for China?  I will visit.

5. Which books are abandoned the most often? (Gwern, a knotty problem of estimation)

6. Further evidence on U.S. consumers bearing tariff costs, also relevant for market power debates.  And yet further data on the question.

Sunday assorted links

1. Chilean citizen lasers take down drones.

2. Those new service sector jobs is this a Straussian reference to the Rolling Stones song?

3. “Lotto lout Michael Carroll reveals he is ‘happier now’ working seven days a week as a £10-an-hour coalman after blowing £10m jackpot on drink, drugs and brothels (and claims he slept with 4,000 women).”  Link here.

4. BallerBusters “calls out” the phony rich people who in fact don’t have much money (NYT).

5. They let 70 different teams study the same fMRI results, you can imagine what happened.

Saturday assorted links

1. Those new service sector jobs: helping Chinese families name their babies with English-language names in a culturally appropriate way.

2. “Commuters were baffled Thursday morning when they found out NJ Transit relies on Dunkin’ employees to open a Mercer County train station.

3. Dominic Cummings on…stuff, Brexit but mainly broader.

4. NYT runs long column producing evidence against the secular stagnation thesis.

5. Amsterdam to ban tourist tours of its red light district.

6. Psychopathy by individual state, D.C. a champ.  How is New Jersey only number nine?

Monday assorted links

1. Amplifunds: “Donate to portfolios curated by expert grantmakers and amplify your impact.”

2. Do you want to live next door to The Flintstones?  And would you sue them?

3. Those new service sector jobs: “Deciding whether to have kids has never been more complex. Enter parenthood-indecision therapists.

4. Are Republicans now more anti-tech than the Dems?

5. “Bernie Sanders advocated for the nationalization of most major industries, including energy companies, factories, and banks, when he was a leading member of a self-described “radical political party” in the 1970s, a CNN KFile review of his record reveals.

6. Race biases in student evaluations in South Africa?  Do also read the comments.

7. More on the Little Red Book app in China.