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Tuesday assorted links

Monday assorted links

1. NYT tech coverage still a train wreck.  And reporters using aliases to stalk non-criminal subjects?  Isn’t that against NYT rules?

2. Scott Sumner on the Romney child plan.

3. Update on South African strain, vaccines, and confidence intervals.

4. Monopsony it ain’t.

5. “The average EV increases overall household load by 2.9 kilowatt-hours per day, less than half the amount assumed by state regulators. Our results imply that EVs travel 5,300 miles per year, under half of the US fleet average. This raises questions about transportation electrification for climate policy.”  Link here.

6. Vaccine efficacy update.

Sunday assorted links

1. The regulatory, status quo bias in public health commentary: “Do any of the experts arguing that it’s wrong for Americans to demand access to the AstraZeneca vaccine also advise residents of the UK, EU, and 15 other countries to delay taking it until our FDA grants authorization?

2. Claudia Sahm Substack.

3. People are fed up with broken vaccine appointment tools — so they’re building their own (Technology Review).

4. NASA prize to make food on the Moon, Mars.

5. The UK put a venture capitalist in charge of its vaccine procurement.

6. Cuba will allow more small business.

7. Ross Douthat on the Romney family plan (NYT).

8. It seems fear of kidnapping is severely limiting mobility in Haiti, even for the non-wealthy (NYT).

Friday assorted links

1. Daron Acemoglu on Melissa Dell.

2. Jonathan Parker: “Economists who think the end of this recession will look like the last one aren’t looking at the data. Household balance sheets, state finances, income, all in better shape than pre-COVID & we haven’t even fixed the cause of recession.

3. Samuel Hammond and Robert Orr make the case for a child allowance.

4. New and excellent visualizations about just how good each vaccine is, including with consideration of variants.  And in defense of the Russian and Chinese vaccines (NYT).

5. Dan Wang podcast on China’s tech ascendancy.

6. The absence of hysteresis in U.S. economic data.

7. “If the Warriors sign a COVID-recovered player immediately, he could play this weekend.”  Shorter quarantine.

8. New seroprevalence data from India and its implications.

Thursday assorted links

Tuesday assorted links

1. Is the English strain picking up some features of the South African strain? And the new strains do seem somewhat more dangerous.

2. Joe Stiglitz comes perilously close to the Austrian theory of the business cycle.

3. Update on the Russian vaccine (New Yorker).  And this WSJ piece.  It seems to work?  And yet more.

4. ““What we didn’t anticipate was that they would break the law,” Goldenfeld said — that some students, even after testing positive and being told to quarantine, would attend parties anyway.”  A look at some of the models.

5. “Dubai announced Monday the creation of a “space court” to settle commercial disputes, as the UAE — which is sending a probe to Mars — builds its presence in the space sector.”  Link here.

6. My on-line talk to PayPal.  Mostly Q&A, and they did ask me about Nirvana’s “Aneurysm.

7. Incoming vaccine data from Israel.

Sunday assorted links

Saturday assorted links

Friday assorted links

1. The next Michael Lewis book (NYT).

2. Novovax data, including against the South African strain.  And wide confidence intervals.

3. Carolyn Hopkins.

4. Chinese government is collecting Americans’ DNA.

5. John Cochrane on GameStop, etc.

6. And how Robinhood ran out of cash (NYT).  The misinformation in the MR comments section and elsewhere on this is egregious.  Here is yet more common sense, though I don’t quite agree with all the framing.

Wednesday assorted links

Tuesday assorted links