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Monday assorted links

Saturday assorted links

1. Rap song about Janet Yellen.

2. Never too much talent?  Should you be bullish on the Nets?

3. Toward a more libertarian pandemic?

4. Will Wilkinson Substack.

5. B.1.1.7 not in decline.  And that variant is exploding in Denmark.

6. Vaccines to take Israel back from the Ibex, photo gallery, recommended.  And some verticality in a video version.  Consider it “the Ibex salt-water paradox.”

7. Peter Huber tribute, he has passed away.

Monday assorted links

Sunday assorted links

1. The Economist on science, innovation, and R&D (and Fast Grants).

2. Milton Friedman cancel culture.

3. Phil Spector has passed away (music clip).  I say judge him by the body of work, which is very impressive.

4. Saliva tests do seem to be better.

5. “…while the most intuitive-seeming solution — having the driver and the passenger each roll down their own windows — was better than keeping all the windows closed, an even better strategy was to open the windows that are opposite each occupant. That configuration allows fresh air to flow in through the back left window and out through the front right window and helps create a barrier between the driver and the passenger.”  NYT Link here.

Saturday assorted links

1. The power of suggestion things as they ought to be.

2. Economist William Allen has passed away.

3. The evolution of Ivor Cummins.

4. Ayn Rand on the Fairness Doctrine.

5. A critique of Tether (what would Milton Friedman have said?).

6. From July 2020: “The UK’s decision not to join an EU plan to distribute a potential coronavirus vaccine to its most vulnerable citizens has been described as “unforgivable” and condemned by health charities and opposition politicians.”  Or read this one from March.

7. Profile of Annie Duflo (WSJ).

Friday assorted links

Thursday assorted links

Wednesday assorted links

Tuesday assorted links

Monday assorted links

1. Chip, block, Stoicism.

2. “It seems likely that figuring out the principles & protocols of governance for this mediation layer will be one of the great challenges of the 21st century, a challenge much like figuring out the principles underlying, say, the US constitution.”  Link here.

3. Substack review of Stubborn Attachments.

4. Kieran Healy on what happened.  Recommended, the best take so far and also a good application of spontaneous order theory.

5. How Israel did it.  By doing it.

6. Mengerian monkey evolution of money?

7. “Moderna is announcing three new vaccine programs. Seasonal flu, HIV, and Nipah.