UHaul Pricing

I’m not convinced by his example but Andrew Roth (a former student of mine) has a found a nice source of data that could be used to discuss demand and supply, the difficulties of identifying price discrimination, and why it’s efficient to have "women enter free" nights at clubs. 

Some high income earners are leaving
California because of its punitive tax rates. Could low- and
middle-income workers be leaving as well? One crude measure is to
examine the one-way rental rates for U-Haul vans. Using U-Haul’s website, I queried a one-way rental for a 10-foot van for October 1st, 2005.







One-Way Trip Price
Los Angeles to Las Vegas $454.00
Las Vegas to Los Angeles $119.00

Hattip to E. Frank Stephenson at Division of Labor.


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